Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Getting back to regular posts.....

(cannot believe this photo is from last year) Yes it has been a long time. Life kind of got in the way to be honest. Our lives completely changed when we moved to rural Australia. There has been lots of adjustments, tears, joy, laughter, fun and some hard times. So I really wanted to keep a record for my girls to document this journey of living in the outback, ministry, homeschooling, music, crafting & life. Its a journey that is for sure!! (I'm sure working out this blogger thing again will be a challenge). I also thought it would be a good idea to keep this up to date as we head off on another big adventure.....travelling around the top end of Australia in a caravan.....yes you heard it from me.....a caravan. What an experience and time we will have. So lets get to it. Love Out. M xxx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Following Two Beauties

on the heels of my lovely Sis (in law) & gorgeous Cousin Brit I thought this might kickstart me into blogging??!
(well I have got to try something right???)

10 Things I have learnt this week -

1. camping is not my favourite, but the family time with no technology & simplicity is
2. I like a hot shower (seriously I need to be clean)
3. I love a clean house but hate doing it myself (anybody??)
4. I really really miss my Sis (in law) & my cutest nieces & nephews more than I thought I would those relationships are worth it, even if I do screw up the times & am a little slack & we live 20000km away.
5. You find out who your REAL friends are once you move away from somewhere.......just saying.....
6. I love going to church/music & I miss it if I don't go, my spirit needs it.
7. I seriously love my hubby even after all these years (& we agree getting married young was a good thing)
8. Material things really aren't important (especially when you lose your D&G sunglasses)
9. Your Mum and Dad will always be really important people in your life
10. I don't particuarly like exercise but I need it, it keeps my head straight

Hopefully not so long between posts.....

Me xxx

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP (Works in Progress) Wednesday

I don't have anything to share today for WIP as we are in the middle of moving. Yep my favourite. Again.
Will be back with these though as I am hoping with lots of new room, I will have the time & space to start creating again.
Happy Wednesday.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favourites...

So another one of Sheree's ideas, love it. Here are our family favourites from this week -

 What can I say about our sunsets out here.........Stunning.........
 Yep on our little 4WD jaunt, we saw some camels. The girls wanted to stop & pat them, but I was on a mission & told them that they smell & spit at you!! Ha that changed their minds.
 They were finding some beautiful shiny rocks......
Clean Pantry me preparing for the term having everything organised. Ant said it was a bit "sleeping with the enemy" but my anal self was very very happy!!! The kitchens are not big up here, so I have to make the most of it.

 New lalaloopsies bought with pocket money!!

 Lots of homemade cooking, a new recipe I made for lunch one day - might share it. Yummy.
 We have dealt with a bit of sickness here in the last week, including "pink eye" as my yankee counterparts call it. Not a favourite of mine let me tell you, so chilling out was a main part of the week for the chickies.

 Fun time is nearly over here in Australia with school holidays finishing, so I have been crazily easily preparing for the year. In Australia we have to give a whole year to the education department. I am totally new to all this but am so thankful for a new friend I made who has been amazingly helpful & giving of her time. I am actually excited about this years work.

So it is a little photo heavy, but that's been a snapshot of our week here. Craft etc has been put aside until probably a couple of weeks into school as we settle into the new curriculum, charts etc. It is going to be a busy year, but I am excited for all that is in store!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP (Works in Progress) Wednesday

So my girlfriend Sheree suggested I go along with her on a couple of subjects (you know to keep my butt motivated to blog & get things done) gotta love girlfriends like her!!! So here are some projects I am & will be working on once I have my homeschooling stuff sorted & out of the way!!!

Quilts - Some ongoing projects & probably more to add (3 quilts & 2 tablerunners)

Project Life - I am not doing this in the traditional sense at the moment. I decided after seeing some that the girls first years of their life really needed doing. (I had done some albums up with photos & they looked at them so much they were falling apart). It was totally doing my head in with the thought of never catching up on their photos scrapping. Big job I tell ya. I am wired that way, it gets to me not having things completed. It has been a real mind shift to change to simple scrapping, tell the story & not worry too much about design/product. Not only is it using up my old scrapping stuff, the reaction of Ant when he saw my first couple of pages made it sooo worth it. He was more excited about those than my other scrapping, so I am thinking it is an awesome thing. Looking at the photos brings so many good memories too. I am planning to do this to catch up, our USA trips (was doing a photobook but this was time consuming & annoying), Moreton & Fraser Island trips. The best thing is I really feel I can keep it up, it won't be a UFP. Yay.

(these pages are unfinished but you get the idea)

Why don't you share what WIP you have happening at the moment, we would love to see. Back friday with some Friday Family Favourites (another Sheree idea yeehah).

Monday, January 16, 2012

If you think I am lost.....

I am ........on PINTEREST!!!! OMG wasting valuable time dreaming, searching.......I'll be back soon....


Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Big Shout Out to Miss Emily Wind....

 Did you notice my new blog design, well Emily Wind offered to do something for me and I couldn't be happier. She designed all of it!!! Amazing I tell you amazing. Nothing was too much trouble. We did this all over email!! Makes me want to blog more!!! I have not yet met Emily or her lovely Mum Janelle IRL, but I have never met two nicer ladies. Between twitter, blogging & facebook, I have formed a lovely friendship with her & Emily chatting about dollies among other stuff & both of them pointed me to some beautiful dolly bargains!! They have both been so generous with their advice & time. Emily is definately one of the most talented young ladies I have seen. She runs a great club for blythes, has the cutest style & is so creative. Please go check out all her stuff on her blog here. Thankyou Emily I really really appreciate what you did & I think you have an amazingly bright future ahead of you!!!!