Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wowsers what a week.....

Once again my blogging has taken a backseat amongst everything has been pretty crazy around here. The girls birthdays are all within a month of each other & for some reason all the people who are close to us & their kids have birthdays in June, July & August so needless to say it is a social couple of months. We had the girls party at McDonalds (I decided to be slack this year) but it was fantastic, the kids had a ball & the hostess was amazing....kept telling us to go out & did games etc with the kids. It was very impressive. So the girls have a new stash of toys & are being occupied for quite a few hours in between Georgia harassing me to scrapbook. The girls have really always been into drawing etc but now just love scrapbooking, I am sure when Liv is old enough she will be there too. Sitting here penning the last week I think about my little dolls. They are so different in personality & yet are so similar.

We also took them to Currumbin Sanctuary this week as well which was fantastic. I have not been there literally for 18 years & the girls just dug it. We cruised around for about 5 hours checking out all the animals, patting kangaroos, georgia held a snake (she loved it) but Lulu would not go near it, rode on a flying fox, had an eagle swoop us, all totally cool stuff. Just an awesome day hanging out as a family!!! Lulu had been really sick the night before so we weren't sure whether we would do it, but seeing it was her actual birthday we thought it would be cool for her. It turned out to be an awesome day!! I LOOOOVE our family time.

Also this arrived this week which I was sooo excited about but haven't even had a chance to have a proper look. I cannot seem to rave too much about this company.....Christy just packs the kits with amazing stuff & I cannot wait to play!!! Hopefully my mojo & spare time will come back!!! LOL.

Anyway the school holidays are upon us so I hope you all have a great one. Knowing me my blogging will be at a minimum.....will definately post some work up soon, just haven't been able to take the photos of the LO's. Stay safe, my love to all of you & your families. Melxx

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Already.......

Wowsers I cannot believe it is friday already, where is the time going?? I constantly seem to be saying that lately. As I am typing this I am listening to my little Lulu asleep struggling to breathe...I am not a panicky person but this thing of hers will not go away. She was cold free for two weeks & then bang last night starts uncontrollable coughing & not breathing properly. She is wheezing & her breathing is not great. It is very scary, but I am blessed that Anthony is home & being a paramedic it definately helps. She is our little dolly girl. It is her 4th birthday tomorrow. Can't believe that either. She is so into princess stuff & jewels. Nana bought her this little colourful, gem box & she has not let it go. She is sooo funny. All of our girls are such characters!!! At times when I am exhausted & cranky I just have to look at them & know that I am incredibly blessed.
Today I will leave you with a collage of them, my gorgeous girls & a few LO's that I have been doing!! Yahoo I am finally getting some scrapping done. Also if you want to win the new making memories slice go here for competition, there are new challenges here every week. Come join the fun.
Well my computer has decided not to play with me today so there is no collage......I will post some stuff soon I promise......just this photo as it is how I feel about my photo program!!! ....LOL Have a great week-end....Mxx

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wondering.................Yet Thankful

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Eleanor Roosevelt.
I am wondering have we been taught that we can have it all, do it all & when we can't we feel that we have failed somehow. Have we been so indoctrinated with the power of positive thinking & assertion that when it all doesn't come to fruition what are we left with?? ......Do we ever really know or fully appreciate the reason we are here?? Is it enough to raise our kids without having some title able to be confident in your identity without feeling you need to be somewhere or be SOMEONE??Do we spend enough time doing things we are supposed to, depending on our own personal convictions?? so many questions & wonderings the list could go on & on & on......all wonderings I think maybe of an overtired, overanalysing woman??!! LOL
The last week has been an interesting one......I am always happy & thankful, but occasionally slip into irrelevant thought patterns..... I have extremely high expectations of myself & seem to think I am some kind of superwoman!! I constantly feel that I do not measure up!!! I do not have these of anyone else in my life just of myself. I definately do not want to pass that on to my beautiful girls. Sometimes in the monotony of everyday life I think about lots of things & procrastinate (which is not really me)......maybe too much, & sometimes feel overwhelmed with what needs to be done.....some things quite boring & endless. (Lack of sleep does not help with thought processes!!)
I then pull myself together and see that I am incredibly blessed with the love of a Saviour, an awesome husband who loves me, 3 beautiful healthy girls who at times drive me crazy but I just adore!!! That he has restored a beautiful relationship with this gorgeous girl (who is not only beautiful inside & out, but a very talented young woman) & her Mum, way beyond what I imagined!!! (Isn't she gorgeous & she loves my kids, me & scrapping woohoo, what else could I ask for!!) When I look at the incredible blessings I have, I am sometimes embarassed for feeling that way......I really could not have asked for a better life.......with this in mind I leave you with some photos of my amazing family. Just looking at them makes me smile & not think of the insignificant things that you can so easily become wrapped up in!!! Have a great weekend. Love Mx

Thursday, June 5, 2008

How Sweet it Is.....

Well it has been a crazy couple of weeks.....Liv turned 2, I saw this gorgeous friend that I haven't seen for 15 years!!! (By the way Al love you girl) It has definately been a year for it catching up with beautiful old friends.....Ant was working lots, had under 8's day with Georgia & the weather has just continued to make us crazy to be inside!! In all of this I haven't really had much time to create or just be. I have promised to reguarly blog seeing this is meant to be my journal type thing (LOL) & so am berating myself for letting that go too.
I will get better. I have been reading some stuff on Ali's blog, which is really challenging me to enjoy the process & tell the story!! This is a constant challenge for me. She is so amazing & REAL. I have discs as she does of photos & stories to tell so much so that it overwhelms me. Then there is all the other stuff out there to try, to experiment, I feel like I will never get there!!! So I leave you with these beautiful photos, hoping you all have a great weekend!! I am off to the Australiasian Scrapbooking & Convention Show....YAHOO, my beautiful husband is having our 3 girls for the whole day & I am going to ENJOY!!! Lots of Love M xx