Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some Random Photos

So once again a weeks has gone by without regular posting!!
It has been crazy, crazy here. All the fun of finishing school & this time of year!!! So thought I would throw some random photos....... Careful photo heavy

Archivers in mall of America.....nice very nice

Costco........seriously cool!!! Everything in bulk

One of our many grocery shops

Some of our cooking.....yum

Our little world travellers (who were awesome by the way)

My little Keira....... Love this kid.

So just that for today. Be back soon with some more classes & sneaks. Happy Sunday.
Me xxx

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Seaworld..........what a blast

so I had time with my Georgie on Thursday at Seaworld. It was a school excursion they are doing under the sea animals. It would have been nice just to be with her but her two little friends are the loveliest girls & so we all had fun together. We were a little disappointed they had half the rides closed, but needless to say I had to go on the jet ride 4 times as most of the kids were undersize & needed an adult. Mmmm that was interesting & I didn't bother to see the photo, it would have been scary!!

Me and My Girl....

with one of her little friends at the new Castaway Island (its pretty cool)

The girls said the dolphin show was their favourite & I have to admit although we have seen them a number of times, they are SUPER cool, I never tire of watching them. Georgie wants to go swim with them on her birthday, so I think we will see what we can arrange.

We were totally blessed that the rain didn't come until we were leaving & then we all got drenched trying to get to the front. I was so proud of Georgia, she had her birthday money (left over from July) so she bought herself a gorgeous seal but then also bought Lucia and Olivia a big stuffed toy each. She is such a beautiful, generous soul.
Thats it for me today, back soon, have had some projects on the go. Will leave you with a sneak peek of an upcoming class at Creative Scrapbooking.

Me xx

Friday, November 19, 2010

Some loveliness......

as I am settling in around here slowly after the big trip. I have been spending far too much time surfing the net & looking at stuff than actually doing stuff. Here is some cool stuff I have been finding for Christmas........this picture is from here ......she is super cool & sells the most beautiful fabric too.......

Am trying to talk Sheree into making this one (as she is such a crochet legend). I won't be trying this, but I could attempt this........

  or this......

or this one........

hahahahah keep dreaming......big ambitions, I think I will just buy one already done!!!!

I am also hoping to cook some things out of this. My beautiful SIL gave it to  me while I was in the States. I have loved this girl's website for a long time, so was sooo excited. They definately are not fat free recipes, but ooohhh so good.

And I am hoping to start some new traditions with the girls this year, like picking a family story that we will read every Christmas Eve, special recipes that we will use for the next 30 years.......and lots of other things. I am such a Christmas person. I love it.
that's it for me today, I am trying to keep up to date on my blogging, now I am off facebook. Back tomorrow with some photos with my girl from Seaworld, our school excursion today and maybe finally some scrapping!!!!

Mel xx

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So I am Back..........

to say we had a great time is probably an understatement. I know people are waiting for photos etc and I am endeavouring to plow through them. When we got back we hit the ground running. It has been a busy couple of weeks. I am already missing my chats with Karen, I really feel we formed a strong bond & she really is my sister not just by marriage. The kids all were great & considering they were together 24/7 it was an amazing time. They were all sooo good. I am totally in love with my nieces & nephews & think that Kaz and Nath are doing an incredible job. Quite a few people said when we were leaving, that we "just fit" there and I have to agree. I know things are different when you are on vacation but really it was like we were living there. 7 weeks is a long time & we weren't staying in a hotel. I loved that we bonded with people who thought the same, raised their kids the same & just had similar ideas & priorities. I feel that I have a deep connection with them over there. In the future who knows, only God!! I know that we had a great time, filled with lots of laughs, conversation, food & I feel that I have been irrevocably changed.

Here are some of my favourite photos - (they are unedited as our computer has decided to die & I am still trying to convince Ant to buy me a Mac)

So many photos to share but this post would become way too long. These are just a few of my favourite memories from our trip. The kids just being together, Ant waterskiing on Minnetonka, riding dirtbikes & ATV, the Twins baseball game, breakfast every morning for 7 kids, Feed My Starving children........the list goes on. Although we didn't take as many photos as I wanted & missed some good ones, it was all about making the memories.
While I was away the shop where I worked was sold. The new owner is lovely & wants me to keep teaching. So I am under a little pressure to get my mojo back and get scrapping. The new website is live and you can go here to have a looksie. I am amazed at what she has already done in just over a week. I am excited with what is coming.

I am also excited as before I went away I got one of these.
I am totally in love with it. It is sooooo cool. It cuts fabric, felt, chipboard, everything!!!!

While I was away I bought a whole heap of quilt stuff along with my scrap stuff. YUMMY. So will post some projects soon. I am back into my sewing which is really exciting. Can't wait to make some pressies for people.

So that is me sort of caught up. I am going to try update a bit more here..........seriously I promise.

Me Out.

Mel xx

Friday, November 12, 2010

Want to Win this.......

then go here to enter in the giveaway. This lady is soooo cool and does it all with 4 little ones. I cannot tell you how excited I am about having some new projects to start. Back soon, I have a couple of posts waiting but just need to find my photos. LOL.
Happy Friday.

Me xxx

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We are Home........

Not sure I am so happy about that. Have cried a few tears. I miss my family very deeply at the moment.
we had the bestest ever time. Will post some photos and some words soon, just getting over jetlag, unpacking and trying to adjust coming back to reality & heat.

M xxx