Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Girlies.........

I have just realised that I am remiss in posting about the girls a bit. I need to keep a record of what they are like at these ages.

She is definately our creative artist. She is dramatic, sensitive, passionate, strong, knows what she wants & where she is going, yet is always concerned with how other people are & including them. She is our little social butterfly. She will make something out of nothing. there is not a day that goes by that she is not rummaging through our recycle bin looking for something to make. This was quite a daily occurance in our family. Now she is at school I realise that we have to make time for her to still be creative!!! She says all they do is work work work at school. So some afternoons we just let her sit in her room & draw & she gets it out of her system. Quite funny really as her Dad & I really aren't dramatic people!!! We had said from a young age that she was due for an Oscar??!! In that though she has always been such a happy, lively, outgoing girl. We so want to foster in her an ability to just do what she wants in life. I do not want her waiting until she is my age & realising that she is an amazingly creative & awesome human being. She is amazingly intuitive as well & doesn't miss anything. I am always having to be careful with what comes out of my mouth as sometimes it is not so good coming from a 6 yr old. Keeps me on my toes everyday about the example & lifestyle that we are teaching them!!

She is so different yet amazing too. She likes order. She collects things. Any piece of shining, junkie piece of something, she will find & keep it as a treasure. She sees the beauty even in the things that aren't beautiful. She too is quite creative but in a different way. She doesn't need a lot of people to be happy, she likes what she likes & that is it!! Same goes with people, she is quite like her Daddy that way. She is definately the quietest of the three & maybe not so headstrong, but strong just the same. She is easily talked around if she is cranky. She does tend to go though from 0-100. She is very observant, intuitive & can get a little frustrated if you don't understand what she is trying to bring across. I know this is sometimes her age. They are growing up & yet still babies. She has an amazing dolphin kick & has walked on her toes since she started walking, but has no interest in ballet. She comes out with the funniest things & has an awesome dry sense of humour. I think actually she will be a lot like Nath (my bro) with a quick dry wit!! She has the ability to totally make you laugh, when she is meant to be getting into trouble. She is also quite a deep thinker.

well this shining little light & bundle of energy how can I describe her. She too is quite the comedian but is not shy!! She is probably a bit more like Georgie than Lulu but has an incredibly different personality again!!! She is really affectionate & you can actually reason with her. If you gently describe what she needs to do, she does it, but if you hit her head on, not pretty!!! LOL. She loves princess stuff & is totally obsessed with Disney princesses. Loves ah ah (ariel) as she calls it & dances around singing at the top of her voice. (all the girls actually are very musical). She is cheeky & thinks as she is the youngest she can get away with murder. Most people let the third get away with things but Ant & I are very strong with her as I think she could be a handful if we let her go. She too is quite dramatic but in a hilarious way. She is quite bossy & has the other two wrapped around her little finger. She is very independant (much to my sadness trying to hold on to my last baby) & constantly tells me I do it myself!! She will not go to sleep without one of us praying for her & if we forget she reminds us!!!

So much I could say about them, I am trying to remember to write down conversations we have with them that sometimes leave Ant & I rolling around laughing!!! One day Georgie asked me if God slept??? I said No Georgie.....he doesn't need to sleep!!!
well does he eat??? I said No Georgie he doesn't need to eat!!
She said, well Mummy that is very weird, he doesn't eat, he doesn't sleep. He must get very tired & very hungry!! & that was the end of that conversation. OOOOhhhh totally looking forward to the birds & the bees story!!! LOL

I am sometimes so awestruck with the incredible responsibility of raising these delightful girls. I sometimes think about if we had had more. I would have loved that experience for them & for us too. But I am totally thankful that God decided to give us 3 beautiful, incredible little humans to look after for this time on earth. I pray that I will do a job worthy of him saying Well Done Good & Faithful servant.

Me xxx

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Mondays..............

I absolutely love this show, it is one of my indulges!!! I know I know but I just can't help it. I do not watch a lot of tv but this along with this (it is actually on a thursday)

are what I watch. I know it is not political, it is not life changing but it is my time to relax, look at things differently, cry, laugh & really appreciate what an incredible life that I have full of love, laughter & blessings.
Happy Monday M xx

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What have I been up to.......

well once I got over my screaming day......it was funny wasn't it. I was actually ok, but just needed to put that on there. I really don't know what happened to the ever organised Mel. My family & house, school etc routine is totally in sync, it is my ME time or should I say scrapping, exercise & relax time that has totally suffered. Not whingeing but getting into a routine is a little hard as Ant trains in the mornings & by the time he is home I have to do the school run & with his work schedule it is kinda hard to have a normal routine. I have to admit I LOVE routine. We have talked about how much this will change when the girls are all at school & how much free time I will have, but with that comes the fact that all my babies are gone. Hence coming up with a different plan. So whenever I can I run, I scrap & I try to ignore those voices that tell me I am behind, I will never catch up, it is not ok to sit down & veg in front of tv, I will get to my guitar, I will finish everything I need to finish!!!! This week I am concentrating on getting some goals accomplished......photoshop course, regular routine of running (at least 3 times if I can), some scrapping & maybe even some sewing & still keep everything house/family wise running smoothly. Here is what I did this week -

I am hoping to do the follow-up course on the 14th March. It is no secret that photography was really how I started scrapping. I would say it was always my first interest. I am sooo excited about what I will be able to do with my photos. Now I just have to get a copy of Adobe Elements 5 to get cracking!!!!

A mini photo shoot with this gorgeous girl (just for fun).

Lots of this with my little ones (in this weather we can't keep them out of the pool)

and then this is why my scrapping mojo has gone out the window I thinketh.....

well that's it for me, happy Sunday, hope you are having a great weekend. M xx

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I do it Myself..........

Those are the words we are continuing to hear from our youngest child. Quite heartbreaking for this mama who has only just had to let go of her middle one to school (& is still reeling I might add). So off came her vest & off she went. NO there was no instruction from Daddy (he was quite gobsmacked)& him & I just laughed our heads off while she put her head down & proceeded to swim without her vest. I am of the opinion (& so was swimmer Daddy) the longer the vest was on the easier for Mummy.......well this little one who is racing to catch up with her sisters, had other ideas!!! I guess this is the sign of things to come......lets hope that her desire to always have her clothes off changes before she is a teenager.....LOL.
Happy Monday M xxx

PS Yes I know my blogging needs to be regular I am trying......more to come soon!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sad...............Please Dig Deep...........

My heart goes out to the people in Vic tonight......I have been watching the footage on tv & have been deeply saddened by the losses from the fires. Seeing the devastation is beyond words.Please pray for all the families that have lost loved ones & everything in this devastating time. Also if you can please think about giving to the Red Cross who are taking donations. Australians have always dug deep when it was needed, please try to!!!! M xxx

PS Some people have asked if Anthony is going, but he is not being sent at this time.

Its a party & I'll laugh if I want to..........

We had this lovely girls birthday on Friday night with these incredible ladies Leanne & Sandra & Val (she doesn't have a blog) & even gorgeous Britt dropped in to say hi. The food was great, company was hilarious & Sheree had a great time. We didn't make the movies as planned as we were all too busy chatting & waiting for our food (but that is another story). Here is a couple of pics from the night.

Me being silly.....(oh my gosh so many wrinkles LOL)

Happy Monday Peeps. Remember be kind & always do good. M xxx

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Have Decided.....

that I LOVE a clean house but HATE cleaning. I know girls Mama said Hate not a word allowed in our house, but I cannot explain the feeling of absolute dislike at doing housework. It is great when it is all done & I feel like I have accomplished something & I LOVE that it is SUPER clean, everything, fans, windowsills, floors, beds etc, but then in half an hour looks like a bomb has hit it....(well I am exaggerating a bit)......so then it feels like such a thankless, waste of time job......(don't worry I do get over it & put on the music & get it done) ......I have been trying to teach the girls that it is part of being a family doing jobs.......I don't think they have the concept yet as Georgia told me it was my job!!! LOL 6 going on 20 that girl. Aaaah if only they knew we had kids to have slaves!!!! LOL

The week has been good & we have only had one lot of tears (from Georgie) she is struggling with the no play or art thing at school, jumping to Grade 1 has been an adjustment. The 1st day she came home & said Mum I will be going to bed as all I did today was work work work!!!. What a crackup. When she gets home she goes straight to her artbox & starts to create, am glad she is starting young!! Lucia has settled in very well much to my amazement. She comes home every afternoon very happy & has been the chattiest I have ever heard my girl. Stories of what she has learnt, made & done for the day. Of course Liv is just enjoying being on her own having all the attention (& the toys I must say) to herself. When I asked her the other day if she missed the girls she said No Mum me happy!!! Mmmmmmm definately couldn't have been an only child that one!! She is really a doll though, with no older sisters to harass her, she just cruises around, puts herself to bed when she is tired & just is so much quieter!! Who knew!!

Sports Day....

This has been happening a bit in our house due to big days.....the girls putting themselves to bed before bedtime

I have noticed people doing this 365 project, as much as I would love to, I think it would just be another thing for me to get behind in. So I plan to just do the best I can & take as many photos as I can & scrap more this year. I know I will never catch up, but I intend to make a dent in my photos this year & use up all my old stashes (of course so I can buy some more!!! LOL) & have some albums that I can actually pull out & show people. Plus I want to do another couple of projects for my other family!!!

Today I will leave you with some photos from the week........we had Aunty Minette & Uncle Pete visit from Sydney, the girls just loved it. It is always so nice to catch up with family!!! We also went to the beach in the afternoon before dinner, something we used to do all the time but haven't done (I think you get complacent when it is in your backyard). Ant & I decided that it had been too long since we were doing this on a regular basis!!!

I will have a post soon of someones birthday!!! Have a great Sunday.....hope you GET CREATIVE!!! Me xx

Monday, February 2, 2009

School Starts.........some tears........some fun & some scrapping.......

Well along with everyone else in QLD the girls started back at school. Georgie is in Yr 1 & Lucia is in Prep......yes Lucia is at school 5 days a week. I have been at a total loss, it is so quiet at home (not that she is the noisy one), busy (as our hours are cut down with school runs etc) no more lazing around in PJ's & cruising (still maintaining a routine) but just being able to relax & not be anywhere.
I am afraid that I embarassed myself (not Lucia thank goodness) & made it to the car before I proceeded to break down in tears & didn't stop for most of the day. Everytime I thought of her (my middle baby) I would tear up. It was made a little better by my beautiful Ant being there watching her & also driving us for her exciting first day,I then met Ruthie & we comiserated together. I was so worried.......I haven't had enough time with her, georgie got an extra year, she doesn't know enough, what if she doesn't like it & it is too much for her, wanting other kids to be nice to her, etc etc etc I needn't have worried she absolutely loved it & we haven't had a drama. She is learning so much & comes home quite excited albeit a bit tired from her day.
Here are some pics -

We have also just been having a bit of fun as well. During the week while school is on the girls can't watch TV, so we are always doing something to keep them occupied before dinner......this is Lulu's idea of relaxing!!! She is such a crackup.

And here is one of my examples for the use your stash at Heaven-sent cybercrop on the weekend. It was a great comp & really made us think out of the box.

Will have some more shares soon, this post is already long enough!!!! Have a great Monday & Tuesday.
Love Me xx