Monday, February 9, 2009

Its a party & I'll laugh if I want to..........

We had this lovely girls birthday on Friday night with these incredible ladies Leanne & Sandra & Val (she doesn't have a blog) & even gorgeous Britt dropped in to say hi. The food was great, company was hilarious & Sheree had a great time. We didn't make the movies as planned as we were all too busy chatting & waiting for our food (but that is another story). Here is a couple of pics from the night.

Me being silly.....(oh my gosh so many wrinkles LOL)

Happy Monday Peeps. Remember be kind & always do good. M xxx


Leanne said...

It was a funny night wasn't it..... I haven't laughed that much in ages, even woke up with a sore face from smilin....

Was disappointed with the food service though. Stuart and I eat there so much and not once have we ever had to wait for our meals. Usually we can go there and be in and out in an hour.... Go figure.

I think that we should definately do something like this every two months or so, whatch reckon.

Will put the photos on my photo bicket account and then you can grab them from there. Much easier than trying to email them to you as they are quite large files. Chat soon chickadee
Leanne xxx

Sheree said...

It was so much fun!!!! So glad we snapped so many pics too... there's some funny ones in there!! LOL

Thanks again for such a great birthday night out!! We're gonna have to do it again soon.

Me xx

Brittany Snow said...

Cute pics!!!
its 11:44pm and I have been awake for almost 20 hrs... My life is keeping me awake!
I love yoooou!!