Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Have Decided.....

that I LOVE a clean house but HATE cleaning. I know girls Mama said Hate not a word allowed in our house, but I cannot explain the feeling of absolute dislike at doing housework. It is great when it is all done & I feel like I have accomplished something & I LOVE that it is SUPER clean, everything, fans, windowsills, floors, beds etc, but then in half an hour looks like a bomb has hit it....(well I am exaggerating a bit) then it feels like such a thankless, waste of time job......(don't worry I do get over it & put on the music & get it done) ......I have been trying to teach the girls that it is part of being a family doing jobs.......I don't think they have the concept yet as Georgia told me it was my job!!! LOL 6 going on 20 that girl. Aaaah if only they knew we had kids to have slaves!!!! LOL

The week has been good & we have only had one lot of tears (from Georgie) she is struggling with the no play or art thing at school, jumping to Grade 1 has been an adjustment. The 1st day she came home & said Mum I will be going to bed as all I did today was work work work!!!. What a crackup. When she gets home she goes straight to her artbox & starts to create, am glad she is starting young!! Lucia has settled in very well much to my amazement. She comes home every afternoon very happy & has been the chattiest I have ever heard my girl. Stories of what she has learnt, made & done for the day. Of course Liv is just enjoying being on her own having all the attention (& the toys I must say) to herself. When I asked her the other day if she missed the girls she said No Mum me happy!!! Mmmmmmm definately couldn't have been an only child that one!! She is really a doll though, with no older sisters to harass her, she just cruises around, puts herself to bed when she is tired & just is so much quieter!! Who knew!!

Sports Day....

This has been happening a bit in our house due to big days.....the girls putting themselves to bed before bedtime

I have noticed people doing this 365 project, as much as I would love to, I think it would just be another thing for me to get behind in. So I plan to just do the best I can & take as many photos as I can & scrap more this year. I know I will never catch up, but I intend to make a dent in my photos this year & use up all my old stashes (of course so I can buy some more!!! LOL) & have some albums that I can actually pull out & show people. Plus I want to do another couple of projects for my other family!!!

Today I will leave you with some photos from the week........we had Aunty Minette & Uncle Pete visit from Sydney, the girls just loved it. It is always so nice to catch up with family!!! We also went to the beach in the afternoon before dinner, something we used to do all the time but haven't done (I think you get complacent when it is in your backyard). Ant & I decided that it had been too long since we were doing this on a regular basis!!!

I will have a post soon of someones birthday!!! Have a great Sunday.....hope you GET CREATIVE!!! Me xx


Moira said...

Hehehe, those pics of your girls flopped on the floor etc say it all. It's a big change going to big school :-) And we teachers feel much the same at the end of each day!

Sheree said...

Gotta love it when they put themselves to bed! (Why won't my kids do that? LOL)

Love those beach photos... I can feel a layout coming!

Hope you've had a great Sunday!
Chat soon,
Me xx