Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My New (but Old) BF

I know I know sad sad sad & they are not pretty pink or Asics (I will get them soon) but practical, comfortable & no shin splints!! :)..... I have been wanting to get back into it for a long time, but babies & busy life prevented me, plus my lack of motivation. I am one of those people who dislike the gym, I am a down to earth, outside babe. I wanted to get rid of the last of my baby weight & stay fit to stay young with the girls (& of course for DH) but also for myself. I looove running!!! I know it is not great for your body, but maybe it is the endorphins or something but I love getting out there, music in my ears, running in the fresh air. It is my little bit of space. I try not to think of anything while I am doing it. A lot of times I have my little conversations with God, more me talking than Him of course, but I just find it sooo relaxing. There is no-one nagging me, asking something of me, no preparing food, just me & the tarmac. I can get irritated & cranky if I don't get some endorphins & I have realised that it really helps even with my lack of sleep. I am tired, but I think I am already tired may as well be doing something productive, that makes me feel better about myself. So it is my new BF. Have a great tuesday. Melxx

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Post....

Just thought I would share some photos (NO no scrapping as yet).....but I have other news.....I got onto another design team, one which I am totally excited about. Go here to have a look. Michelle runs the We Challenge You blog & this new company. At first I was just going to be on the blog but now she has offered me a DT role. I am so happy!! And it is with this gorgeous girl of mine (that I just have to see sometime soon please please!!)
So here is my share for the day.....these two beautiful girls are part of my family. God has totally restored our relationship & I couldn't be happier. It was Lins birthday & her gorgeous daughter Britt (who I think is not only beautiful but incredibly talented) put on a surprise birthday party. It was lovely. Great food, drink & company. Lin had a great time.

Because of these two gorgeous women is the next photo.....my new do!! They schemed together (lovingly of course) to let me be pampered for 2 whole hours. They decided that I needed it & I decided along with the hairdresser to do something drastic....I let go of the having long hair until I am 40 business & went short. It is soooo easy to manage & I just get up flick it & I am right to go. I really don't like posting photos of myself but just thought I would share. Hope you have a great Sunday. Take care Mxx

PS scuse the no makeup tired looking girl, I promise to do better next time....LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day.....

So who watches SYTYCD.....woohoo it is on tonight, can you tell my life is getting sad that I am resorting to TV!! It is really me procrastinating from doing my tax....yes it is that time of year again!!! LOL

Had a quiet week, Georgie is back at school (she is on readers now too, like I don't have enough to do & she doesn't spend enough time at school LOL), which means no more lounging around in PJ's (which was quite new for this routine mum) but so much fun!! Not much to tell for this post or to share. Anthony is working tomorrow night & I am hoping to get some scrapping done, so I will be able to share. Thanks to my DD I am going here I am soooo excited I don't think I can wait until December.

Here is a couple of photos of Liv...she loves her baby dolls. She is so funny. When she swings the doll has to swing. I do have stuff for the other girls but I guess at the moment Liv is at that cute age.

Anyway I have been tagged for this cool blog award (am totally amazed as I don't feel in the league of the people put up but anyway) so I will do that over the next couple of days. Lee if you are reading this I will get to it!!! Have a great week. Mxx

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Does anybody else hate been sick?? I loathe it, don't know what it is but I just cannot stand it. Maybe it is the admitting that I am not superwoman & cannot do everything. Maybe it is the stopping & having to rest, which I am also not good at!! All in all I dislike it immensely. Also the girls (excluding georgie of course) have been (it seems like) constantly sick, something else I am just not used to. Maybe it is God allowing me to realise that I am human, my kids are human & you get sick. That you cannot rely on your own strength, that sometimes you have to rely on Him. You cannot do it ALL yourself & sometimes things have just got to give!! Maybe I cannot juggle all the balls & that is ok. It is ok to just BE. Through this though I am learning some valuable & important lessons. There is nothing more important than my relationship with God, My beautiful husband & my gorgeous girls. There is nothing more important than beautiful friends. There is nothing more important than down time.
Sometimes you need to look outside your little world & see what is truly going on around you. There is people in far more sad & precarious places than you are in & sometimes you just need to let go of the little insignificant things as in the eyes of eternity, they are really meaningless!!

This week we had a baby shower for this beautiful woman. Now her story is one of little miracle after little miracle. Rie (as I fondly call her) is due to give birth to her third child (we are still waiting by the way much to her chagrin). She has two beautiful boys & we cannot wait to see this new little one. It was a lovely morning tea & she had a great time. Here is photo of us together, this is the first time we do not have a photo of us pregnant together. This friendship has been a journey for both of us & I love her to pieces. Look forward to sharing more years & birthdays with her.

Well that is my post for this day Sunday. Hoping you all have a GREAT Monday. I will leave you with a daggy photo of my two youngest girls. This is what happens when I let them dress themselves!! LOL. They will love these photos when they are 21 I am sure.... :) Love Mexx

PS By the way I did do some scrapping with some cool girls but I don't know how to copy the photo from Lee's blog. Friday night sick I went to this gorgeous girls house with some other gorgeous girls for a scrap night. It was awesome (thanks Lee). I am hoping it will become a regular thing, they are SUPER cool gals!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Very exciting.....and a LO....

Well the secret is (but I think everyone knew anyway), one of my all time favourite scrappers is coming to Brisbane.....yep can you believe it, I can't, so close!! A whole day with this person using her products & doing classes.....I do not even have the words. Go here to check it all out!! I am so hoping that I get to meet her!!! I have begged all my family to put in for christmas for me so that I can go!!! So here's hoping!!! This following LO I did to put in for a competition to win a free spot....so once again here's hoping!!! I think I finally have my mojo back...not completely but it is coming back.....YAHOO!! I did another couple but will have to download later.....very busy!!! Hope you having a great week!! Mxx

PS the picture is a shocker, but I was in a rush LOL.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Things I Am Loving at the Moment...

Loving This...

Aren't they awesome!! She has used fabric from Heather Bailey (big fan of her material)!!!

This next one is Teresa Collins Designs.....you probably all know her, but she is doing some awesome stuff....would love to go to a class over there!!! She actually has a great blog & is very honest & open with sharing. Makes you feel normal!!!

Heidi - well what more can I say?? Heidi has been my all time favourite since I started scrapping!! I have a little secret about this one but will share later on!!!

And of course Ali.....I don't think there is much she does that I do not like!! This is a monthly sub club that is incredible as well. Lucky I don't live in USA I would be broke!!

And of course some of our local girls.....can't leave them out, they are also very talented & inspiring...

Jill GG

sorry my computer has had a glitch & is not downloading photos, there are so many other things I would love to post but alas silly computer not cooperating. A few of these are the new chatterbox range....looove it, new making memories.....& some other cool artsy blogs & sewing stuff. Will have to share at a later date. Hope your week started great.....Love Mxx

Saturday, July 12, 2008

She is 6......She is sick......& Some LO's

Well my big girl has turned 6!! She had a fantastic day & got lots of lovely presents including lots of scrapping stuff. She was stoked!! She has become an awesome girl. I do not have enough pages to describe her amazing qualities, personality & gifts. Sometime soon I will do this for the whole 3 girls. Lucia has been sick again so back on the nebuliser. It is times like these that I know God has it all in His hands & I just need to trust Him & keep praying!!

I know some of you think I actually don't scrapbook considering the lack of LO's lately, so I finally have some to share!! These are papers from my monthly Scarlet Lime Sub and Teressa Collins Designs (which I just love, stay tuned for a project with some of her stuff soon). Finally thanks to Val (& her bind-it-all, you legend) I have my mojo back, yahoo. Stay Safe have a great week-end.
Love Mxx

PS. Please excuse the upload, one day this computer idiot will get it together & have it posted all nice with frames etc!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wish I Was Here.......

I wanted to put a photo of them at the cabin....but alas it didn't work. I so miss this brother of mine & his lovely wife. I couldn't have asked or prayed for a better wife for Him. You know I hoped that I would get someone who I could have a relationship with, but this young woman exceeded those expectations, only problem is they are 20,000 miles away. Some days I would love to pack up & move over there & spend heaps of time just getting to know them & being with their gorgeous kids. Also I so wanted all our kids to grow up together. God has a plan & who am I to argue. Karen is an awesome sister in law & even though I never had sisters (bummer) she makes up for it. She goes & gets me scrap stuff even though she is not big on it & always goes out of her way!! I am very appreciative. I cannot wait to see them.
At the moment they are all at the summer cabin, so jealous wish I was there!!! Anyway this is my family that I miss desperately. I know soppy soppy & Kaz will probably be embarassed, but I wanted to share, for all those people who haven't seen us for years, this is us now. I am very proud of the man my brother has become!! His family that he married into is awesome as well. I cannot wait to see all you guys, wish it was tomorrow. I try not to dwell on it, but today it was raining & grey (sort of like minnesota weather.....hahahaha just joking) & I wanted to just let you know I miss you!! Love you Mxx

Sunday, July 6, 2008

She's a Crackup.......

My girls constantly amaze me but this youngest one is an absolute crackup. She has only just turned 2 but it seems like sometimes she is 20. One morning we were seeing Nana & this is what she did. We turned around & she had climbed up on the bed doing this, almost mirror of what Nana does. It is amazing what they pick up & absorb. I have so much more to tell you & more to write but we are off for dinner. As I have said before July/August are our GOOD nightmare months. We don't have any social things and then BANG.....all in a row. so leave you with this hope you have a great sunday.....love Mxx

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Been Tagged......7 random things about me.....

my gorgeous girl Bek tagged anyone, so I thought I would play along......

7 Random things you might know or not know about me:

1. I was highly organised & a perfectionist before I had my third girl Olivia
2. I love to cook but hate cleaning up (I do not have a dishwasher), I love a spotless house but hate doing it.
3. I cannot sleep without my pillow (yes I take it everywhere)
4. I do not untie my shoelaces
5. I hate ironing & refuse to do it (I tend to buy clothes that don't need it)
6. I have never had a manicure or a pedicure!! (How sad is that).
7. I looove riding motorbikes (with Ant of course)

There are probably so many other things because I am pretty random (strange I think), so why don't you take this & send them to me or put them on your blog, would love to know some details!!! Hugs Melxx