Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a week.........or is it two????

well we have had a really busy couple of weeks. Always my blog seems to suffer & I try to at least put a few words in a post so I can come back. This is really important for me to keep updated but sometimes life just gets in the way!! Also little sweeties vying for my attention where the computer is not a priority & their little stories & chatter is just more important to me. I do not want them to ever feel like this is a priority over anyway the last couple of weeks. We had a visit from the Potters (they were over from France)it was sooo much fun & ant got to surf quite a bit while they were here (he was stoked) here is some photos

(before the back manipulation)

thanks to the Potters Ant & I got to spend a lovely night away (we have left the girls only once in 6 years), it was weird to say the least. So quiet. We went & had dinner & watched 2 movies, yes 2 movies. It was a crackup. We were also home by 9pm.
It was so nice but we also realised that life without our kids would have been very quiet!! We missed them. We do love having time together though & have chatted about making sure we have a date night at least once a month. Here is what we saw.....

and also watched Mall Cop, which wasn't bad but not as funny as I anticipated.
This was a full on boys movie, but I really liked it. I have always loved cars & it was just light & entertaining.

(this we watched on the Tuesday night, we were having a movie marathon this week)
I really enjoyed this movie. Ever since I was younger I used to watch the X-men series with my bro, we were both fans. It was kinda cool to see the origins of Wolverine.

We have also been doing a lot of this........(family time) making the most of it before winter sets in.

So this is starting to become a long post, so better go get some stuff done. I have been rearranging our house & our girls are all in the same room now. I felt a bit selfish doing this, but at the moment until we move, we are limited for space. I really felt like I needed a room, so we changed it all around & I now have my own space. The girls love it & Ant & I have been enjoying having some space for me to create & him to internet surf & work. Will share some before & after photos soon, plus some stuff I have been working on. We are off to have photos done today (yeah finally convinced Ant to do it) so will have those to share hopefully too.

Have a great day, love you. Me xxx

Monday, April 27, 2009

Do YOU want to win some COOL stuff.......

if you do then you need to go here........Bek my beautiful friend is giving away one of her first monthly kits. This woman is amazing with all that she has on & all that she does. I know this is going to be an AWESOME, challenging & fun thing for her. Join in the fun & go check it out. It is packed full of stuff & knowing Bek she will have lots of inspiration to go with the kit.
Happy Monday. Love Me xx

Friday, April 24, 2009

There is something in the air......

well my first one was a bit of a dodgy effort. I increased the size of the pattern to 200% instead of the 150% (on purpose as I wanted something bigger). Georgie loved it, so have decided to still post a photo (I am a bit of a perfectionist so if things aren't perfect I trash them). The other one is one that Lucia chose herself, not really what I would have put together but she was determined & picked it all out herself. She turned out quite cute, but Lulu won't let me put the apron on that I made as it covers up the cupcakes. Mmmmm a few more cut out & I think I will continue making these gorgeous little dolls for some pressies. As most of our friends have girls I am sure they will go to lovely homes!!! Here is where you can find the free pattern, they are called Black Apple dolls & of course are from Martha Stewart, I love that woman!!!. You can also find some beautiful ones here, of course my clever crafty friend, as always does a fantastic job!!! She is awesome. Always sharing her skill, finds & helping me out. She is never competitive & so generous!!! Now if only I could find the time to finish all my uncompleted sewing projects - namely 2 quilts, 2 bags & numerous other things!!!

Also have been doing a bit of scrapping, I LOVE all the new American Craft papers & all my new fiskars punches (gotta love contacts in the States) & had so much fun with this LO. This is one of our only family photos, I really have to remedy that, but Anthony is soooo not into it. A friend gave us an amazingly generous voucher to a beautiful photography studio for free photo shoot. He has told me go get some photos with you & the girls. LOL. Guess the idea of a family canvas might be a little while off!!!

So that's it for me now. The holidays went way too fast & we are back into the swing (sort of) of school run, lunches etc. Liv is really missing the girls & we have been so busy catching up with friends who are over from France. Will post some photos & love soon. Happy Days. Me xx

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A WHAT in your eye?????

As I stand talking to the Pastor of our church patiently waiting for my mum's group to arrive, little Miss Liv is saying "mama eye sore" & kept saying it over rubbing her eye.......hence we bend down to have a look & guess what was in her eye???

A bead off her dress!!!

Not just a sequin but a bulky jewel that she decided to put into her eye. (Not sure what was going through her little brain at the time??!!) All the while trying to fish it out of her eye, thinking emergency department, damaged eye, etc etc yet remaining calm wondering how I would get it out after numerous attempts. Eventually we held her still enough & I was able to grasp it in my fingers & pull it out of her eye with no damage. Hallelujah. All the while she is saying Ow Mama det it out!!! Mmmmm motherhood is exhausting, you have to play coach, referee, medic, chef, cleaner, etc etc........wouldn't have it any other way!!!
Who said you needed to have boys to keep you on your toes & lively!!!! LOL
Time for bed. Me Out xxx

Monday, April 20, 2009

TWO WORDS............RED LIPSTICK........

Well she loves lipstick......or "listick" as she calls it!!! At least it wasn't red nail polish.......oh that's right she's already done that, all over our vanity & wall. I didn't take photos as I was too busy trying to get it off!! Eventually had to get turps & scrub it off. Mmmmm if you like that story you should see my sis & her story here!

Happy Monday.
Me xx

Easter & a few shares...........

I know I know but better late than ever.....
Before Ruthie jetted off to the big US of A we decided to take all the kids out for dinner & the adults of course. We went to our local chinese restaurant. It was such a lovely night. The girls had a ball & had to eat with chopsticks. They actually did really well. We usually take them everywhere with us so they like different foods. This night they ate satay chicken noodles & some other stuff. They drew while we chatted. It was really nice. Here are some photos of them eating!!!

Then this photo is of Georgie at church.

She won a HUGE basket of easter eggs. I could not believe it. They had to get a squashed up piece of paper into cups, I was hoping Ben hadn't seen her get it in.......NOOOOOO well she won!!! Mmmmmm she was sooo happy so that sort of won me over!! We are not really into the easter bunny etc as for us the weekend is about Jesus & what he did for us. It is usually an awesome family time of sharing the REAL easter story & thanking God for our daily blessings. The girls know that He died on the cross for them & that He rose again & that we are grateful for that. We do buy them some little eggs but in Georgies words "Mum there is no easter bunny we know that, but it is still nice to have chocolate eggs & they mean new life!!!" So I thought that was pretty cool.
The girls also before they went on holidays had a HUGE easter concert at school where both of them were involved in singing quite a few songs. As I videotaped it, didn't really take any photos,so don't have any to share. I really wanted a motion memory of them. They did awesome. Georgia as always was quite the performer & sounded beautiful, with Lucia being a bit quieter. They did such a good job & the teachers really have to be commended for how much effort they put in each year. We have copious amounts of craft they did so will be trying to work out how best to store all of this. I am determined this year to work out a way to keep their stuff (not everything) & create the memories.

Anyway as usual I am behind on blogging. More stories to come!!! Love Me xx

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finally Here.............

with a big catch up. It has been a really busy couple of weeks. I really do need to blog more, so much happening, so many little conversations. The girls are on holidays now, which I love, I get to spend each day with my little gems. The first couple of days are always a little challenging as they are overtired from a busy term, have to have boundaries reset in their little brains & trying to keep them occupied for quite a few more hours. Liv is loving having them home as it is very quiet during the week without them here. Some other things that have been happening -
Lucia is riding her bike with no trainers (she has been doing this for awhile now, sorry baby Mama is not a good blogger)

& Liv is riding a big bike now not her little trike.

They are all very excited & this is a bit of a ritual where they all ride around big netball fields near us & I try to go running!!! LOL

Here we are camping, Georgie & Lulu rode the Mal with Daddy, Georgia stood up but Lulu just rode on it like a boogie board. Georgia really has no fear of the surf (definately better than me) & I am stoked as I have always wanted them to be confident around water.......I guess it is in the genes with their Dad. I love that he spends so much time with them, not only teaching them practical things but also spiritual & emotional. I love this man & look at my girls go.

Camping was really very enjoyable this time in the camper (you can't really see it here but it rocks). I got to read & relax & spend time just hanging out with my beautiful family. I precooked all our meals so we just had to heat them up. Awesome!!! I have always joked that I love sleeping under the stars, preferably 5!!! but I think Ant might be winning me around. There is something great about the simplicity of camping. I always find my devotional time is really important at this time. Just a place to BE & really listen to what God is trying to tell me, spending quality time with the family without technology or distractions & just enjoying the peace & quiet.

And lastly some scrapping......

(this was a scraplift from here, my very clever friend)

a card for one of my other friends....

Britt & I.....

I have more to share but that will have to do for the moment. Have a great Tuesday.
Love Me xxx