Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Canberra rewritten

Ha so many things I had forgotten about Canberra!!!
Like this.......

You can buy alcohol in the supermarket right next to the bread!! Lol

The roads are amazing.

The weather is depressing but much better today!!!

So many old memories. So much the same and yet different!!

Catching up with old old friends & it feels like yesterday we just left. Am going back to some old haunts to take photos, now I am a scrapper so many things to scrap to tell the girls different stories of their mum & dad. (and attach all old memorabilia) Can't find all my old photos. (see I was always a scrapper!!!).

So nice hanging out with Dad, we really do miss him. The girlshave been having a ball. Grandad bought them all this cool stuff so they have been making bubbles, balloons & crafting. We went scootering this morning where my bro & I used to skateboard, forgot to take my camera or phone so no photos.

Today we might go do some touristy things. I want to take them to the miniature village, parliament house, war memorial things like that. (ant is none too excited but I want some culture!!).

Hope you are having a great day, back soon.

Me xxx

PS see when I have time I am an ok blogger!!! Lol

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2nd day of the Brewin Adventure

This is what we woke up to this morning..............

And the sound of hundreds of birds, screeching cockatoos & midgies. Lol.
Apart from our HUGE trip yesterday we are having a lovely time. Today we are continuing to Canberra. Back soon with more photos.

Me xxx
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogging from the road!!

So we are on our road trip.

Comfortable, cruisey family time gotta love that!!! Although Liv constantly asking are we going to Canberra?? So funny!!!

This is always a welcome sign when travelling in australia (we don't often eat it but it's definayely better here than overseas) plus they have clean toilets, park for kids & fresh food. Lol

So all was going well until about 3/4 of the way there this happened!!

Our trailer wheel was hanging by 3 nuts. A lovely couple stopped and helped us and a couple hours later we were on our way again.

A fun day in all really and I have to say the girls were such good travellers. They didn't get antsy until about 3 when we were all hot, tired and hungry!!! We arrived at Ants sisters to a laden table with food & drink and caught up on heaps Of stuff.

Back tomorrow with some photos. We go to Canberra our old stomping grounds!!! Lol

Me xxx

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Friday, March 26, 2010


Yes I know I did promise to keep my blog reguarly updated & I was doing pretty well for awhile.
This last 3 weeks have been pretty crazy. Ant had his op, mum was in hospital, I had a birthday & then I also started working. Mmmmmm interesting to say the least.
I am continuing to learn more and more about myself as each day goes by. I don't mind working, always have been a worker, and when you get to work in a scrap shop well that is kinda cool. I have to say though that I take my hat off to working mums. It is hard to find the balance with everything that is for sure. Something surely does suffer. It is much easier if the kids don't have to go to care, but a challenge nonetheless. I have been blessed that what precipitated me working means that I have Ant at home to have the girls.

So things I have learnt...........I LOVE scrapbooking & am not shy to tell you, not just for the yummy product & fun I have shopping for it (hee hee) but the story, the creativity & the ME time I get (I used to think this was kinda selfish but realise that I need it). I am excited about the opportunity coming to teach classes.
I love Jesus & each day am trying to be better at who I am.
I love my girls beyond anything I thought I would love.
I adore my strong, resilient husband.
I really am quite good with customers, even the painful ones!!!
I still really love music & cannot wait to go back.
I still hate housework but know it needs to be done so put on my music & shake my tail feather.

So just a few meanderings from a tired, kinda behind Mama who really wants to go scrap, spend time with my husband & watch some tv, but is thinking will just hit my pillow & get some much needed sleep!! Back soon with some photos of some classes & of my gorgeous little family.
We are off on Sunday to Canberra to visit my Dad & some gorgeous friends including this one and I am very excited!!!

Me xxx

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hospital run

So today was the day. Funny I had been here before about 20 years ago, different scenario, different arm. I cannot explain the feelings when they wheeled him off.

It resonated within me how much I love this gorgeous man, husband, father.

Love you honey.
He is in pain but all went well!!! He was very groggy but cracking jokes. So Ant.
The next weeks will prove to be fun!! Lol 4 children to contend with!! I think after the first couple of weeks he will get antsy but I will just have to give him one armed jobs to keep him busy.

Happy hump day back soon with some cool news.

Mel xx

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