Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogging from the road!!

So we are on our road trip.

Comfortable, cruisey family time gotta love that!!! Although Liv constantly asking are we going to Canberra?? So funny!!!

This is always a welcome sign when travelling in australia (we don't often eat it but it's definayely better here than overseas) plus they have clean toilets, park for kids & fresh food. Lol

So all was going well until about 3/4 of the way there this happened!!

Our trailer wheel was hanging by 3 nuts. A lovely couple stopped and helped us and a couple hours later we were on our way again.

A fun day in all really and I have to say the girls were such good travellers. They didn't get antsy until about 3 when we were all hot, tired and hungry!!! We arrived at Ants sisters to a laden table with food & drink and caught up on heaps Of stuff.

Back tomorrow with some photos. We go to Canberra our old stomping grounds!!! Lol

Me xxx

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Nathan said...

pictures arent working and take that music off the site.. its annoying as there is no volume control ha ha ha

Sheree said...

I can't see them either! That wheel incident sounded scary...but lucky it didn't actually fly off! EEEK!

Enjoy your time with your Dad!

Sheree xx

Nathan said...

cough cough.. so who tightened or failed too ;) the lugnuts ANTHONY?!?!!

I heard ya tried to blame Dad.. I wouldve blamed me if I was you.. seeing as I blamed you for all Dads missing tools 4 yrs after you guys moved 12hrs north ha ha ha