Friday, March 26, 2010


Yes I know I did promise to keep my blog reguarly updated & I was doing pretty well for awhile.
This last 3 weeks have been pretty crazy. Ant had his op, mum was in hospital, I had a birthday & then I also started working. Mmmmmm interesting to say the least.
I am continuing to learn more and more about myself as each day goes by. I don't mind working, always have been a worker, and when you get to work in a scrap shop well that is kinda cool. I have to say though that I take my hat off to working mums. It is hard to find the balance with everything that is for sure. Something surely does suffer. It is much easier if the kids don't have to go to care, but a challenge nonetheless. I have been blessed that what precipitated me working means that I have Ant at home to have the girls.

So things I have learnt...........I LOVE scrapbooking & am not shy to tell you, not just for the yummy product & fun I have shopping for it (hee hee) but the story, the creativity & the ME time I get (I used to think this was kinda selfish but realise that I need it). I am excited about the opportunity coming to teach classes.
I love Jesus & each day am trying to be better at who I am.
I love my girls beyond anything I thought I would love.
I adore my strong, resilient husband.
I really am quite good with customers, even the painful ones!!!
I still really love music & cannot wait to go back.
I still hate housework but know it needs to be done so put on my music & shake my tail feather.

So just a few meanderings from a tired, kinda behind Mama who really wants to go scrap, spend time with my husband & watch some tv, but is thinking will just hit my pillow & get some much needed sleep!! Back soon with some photos of some classes & of my gorgeous little family.
We are off on Sunday to Canberra to visit my Dad & some gorgeous friends including this one and I am very excited!!!

Me xxx


Nathan said...

so you ever gonna change that blog background?? and mostly get rid of that annoying music...

miss you guys

Sheree said...

You guys certainly have had a LOT to deal with lately... but you really are doing an amazing job Mel with everything!!! I think it's awesome that you're doing your first ever class today...I just know you're going to love every moment. Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Sheree xx

Brittany said...

Love you!!