Saturday, February 27, 2010

Whats Your Dream........

I have been really challenged to make this blog something to challenge not only myself but other people. I haven't really told many people that I have a blog. I am a private person & started it for my bro & kaz to have a look into our daily lives, that they were missing, and for scrapbooking/photography. I have realised that maybe God wants a little more from me. I have been doing a Mum's lifegroup at church now for over a year. It is awesome. Not from the aspect of me teaching but just how much I learn from the amazing girls that come along. I have learnt so much from them & also God has been slowly & quietly guiding me into a new confidence, peace & outlook on life. They are open, honest, raw & just love & encourage each other. What a real group should do. I think also this is what God called us as women to be.

We were built for relationship, for nurturing, for caring, encouraging & involving, not isolating, competing & comparing. How someone does something really is up to them. What a wonderful life it would be if we could celebrate those differences, be vulnerable & just love one another.

Why is it as christians we seem to wound our own?? Why do we feel the need to maybe not let people get too confident or arrogant?? Why can't we be encouragers & have an honesty & realness about our struggles, anxieties. Yes we do trust God & we wait on Him but sometimes we also need someone with skin on. I know for me I don't need someone else telling me that I am doing the wrong thing, or going the wrong way, sometimes you just need someone to wrap their arms around you, pray for you & be there!!! I have been guilty of this too. I have encouraged someone & then pulled them down with someone else, out of my own insecurity, low self esteem. I am not proud of this and although I have done it in the past, have endeavoured not to. I have learnt many things through past relationships/friendships.

We came into this world with unique gifts, each our own!!
There is always another book that can be written, another song that can be sung, another business that can be started, another speech that can be spoken. Each of us have something unique to give. Each of us cannot be the all for one person. We need different people in our lives, that is what enriches us, encourages us, challenges us. Until we all get that through our heads we will constantly be competing & comparing & not achieve all that God has set out for His women to achieve. This verse speaks to us all about where we should be.

1 Peter 4:8 "Above all keep fervent in your love for one another, because Love covers a multitude of sins."

Mel xx

PS And of course there will be scrapbooking & more scrapbooking. LOL

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Right Now ...........

life is a little like this.

Right now
......these girls are growing up way too fast.

Right now ........ I am trying to kiss & cuddle this little stinkerbell (this is what we call her) as often as I can before she goes off to school.

Right now I am contemplating going back to work while Anthony has surgery & will be off work. A bit daunting as I have to find something that works in with school so can't really go back to my career skill base.

Right now I am realising that I cannot do it all & that is ok. I really need to be a bit easier on myself.

Right now I know that I am right where I should be & that we really are totally blessed, even when we are going through trials.

Right now I am going to just breathe!!!

Happy Tuesday.

Mel xxx

PS go here for a similar post, she is one of my beautiful friends. Thanks Bx for the right now prompt.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Little Scrapping...(warning photo heavy)

I was totally surprised when I won a competition over at Scrapz and also got Star of the Week Layout for this one.

Art of Love

Kooking Out (my beautiful friend Sheree)

Ipod Love

Second Tooth

Scrapzamour card (this was a scraplift from one of the designers Sheree, it turned out quite different to hers, but I love it. I gave it to Lizzy for her engagement card)

I am really having fun scrapping again. Now I just have to start sewing again!!
Happy Monday.

Mel xxx

Monday, February 15, 2010

Remember This........

I do, the freedom, the lack of restraint........Happy Monday!!!

Me xxx

PS excuse my blog background having some technical difficulties!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So the Year is going along..... sweet ride...........

school, homework, dancing, swimming, beach & so on. Not much to report really but here are some more photos for you. Anthony has always been spontaneous, so he is always dragging us somewhere at odd times. It ends up being awesome & we always have fun. Lucky the girls don't have me all the time as I am the homebody. Here are some photos when he took us to a new park at Currumbin & we had our favourite fish & chips. Awesome. These photos make me realise just how much & how fast my girls are growing up. I am so thankful for all that God has given us & the journey that I have been on in the last three years. I have learnt the meaning of true friendship, loyalty, pleasing God & not man, who I am and what is most important in this life.......still learning but oh so happy that God chose me for this journey.

Happy Tuesday.

Love Me xxx

Thursday, February 4, 2010

For you Bro............

And yes I did shed some tears. Not as bad as I could have been as it all happened so fast & the first week was manic with traffic, so we were late everyday for the first couple of days. It was taking us an hour to get from the roundabout to the school (this is like 3 mins).

It was a BIG day as Lucia started Grade 1 and Georgia is in Grade 2. It has been hard for me as the girls are 2 years apart & only 1 year apart in school. We were concerned how Lucia would cope but she is doing great. She is the one of the youngest in her class. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. The house was very quiet with them not here & Liv was quite lost. She kept coming to me and Ant wanting us to play with her & ask us when Georgie & lulu were coming home, 'cause I am missing them mama??!!' LOL.

Don't they look grown up. Although I shed a few tears, the girls were very happy. They both got beautiful teachers and are so excited about school.

Be back soon with some more posts. Happy Thursday.

Me xx

Monday, February 1, 2010

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This is rocking...............

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Happy Monday.

Me xxx