Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Right Now ...........

life is a little like this.

Right now
......these girls are growing up way too fast.

Right now ........ I am trying to kiss & cuddle this little stinkerbell (this is what we call her) as often as I can before she goes off to school.

Right now I am contemplating going back to work while Anthony has surgery & will be off work. A bit daunting as I have to find something that works in with school so can't really go back to my career skill base.

Right now I am realising that I cannot do it all & that is ok. I really need to be a bit easier on myself.

Right now I know that I am right where I should be & that we really are totally blessed, even when we are going through trials.

Right now I am going to just breathe!!!

Happy Tuesday.

Mel xxx

PS go here for a similar post, she is one of my beautiful friends. Thanks Bx for the right now prompt.


Sheree said...

Mel those pics of the girls are gorgeous!!! Love that one of Georgia! LOL I know these are trying times for you guys at the moment...but who knows what great things might be just around the corner! ;)

Sheree xx

Nathan said...

^^^ A trip to see your favorite brother is around the corner ;)

Brittany Snow said...

Those photos are a crackup!!!
Love you lots!!

Nanna Anne said...

oh my goodness give Georgia strawberry blonde hair and she is YOU.Gorgeous photos don't forget I want some