Friday, August 27, 2010

Because He Said So......

I have been reading this reguarly & today it really resonated with me. I have had a tough week. We have people all around us, dying, having accidents, busyness etc....
Sometimes it is hard to know the rhyme or reason. This post helped me to see that there is always seasons & sometimes we just have to trust even when we don't understand.

Go here for todays post.....
Proverbs 31 Ministries: Daily Devotions

I am sad today, so that is what I will leave you with & a reason for my lack of posts this past week.
Friday Out.

Love Me xxx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A gorgeous boys birthday...........& Classes at Scrapfest............

Today want to shout out to my little Nephew Jentzen, its his birthday today. I cannot wait to see his cute little face. I think they are all going to be freaked by their Aunty Mel. LOL.

Isn't he a cutie patootie!! Happy Birthday sweet boy. Get so sad that I miss all your birthdays & am not seeing you grow. 
Am thankful today that we have the awesome opportunity to spend 7 weeks with them all.

So I just thought I would share what classes I am doing at Scrapfest. To say I am excited is a little of an understatement. It is one of the biggest in America and instead of stores like our craft shows it is the manufacturers there!! WOOHOO. So am trying to keep it toned down a little as I have to organise all our stuff for 3 kids. It is going to be an interesting ride!! Here are the classes......

Dear Lizzy with Kelly Purkey. Although I already have all these papers & probably don't need anymore of them, I thought a class with Kelly Purkey would just be cute & FUN. I missed out on a couple of other classes I could have done (like Tim Holtz) as they were all sold out. The other class I am going to do is with Caroline Lau from Maya Road. I am a big Maya fan, love all their trinkets, mists etc & I really love canvas.

So that's it for me today. I have to make a diorama for Lucia for her project today. She has chosen The Little Mermaid. If I thought I was creative, then this project has definately challenged that. You will probably all get sick of me talking America until I go, but hey its only 24 days!!! Have a great Saturday.

Love Me xx

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its what we do.......

in the middle of winter!!! well anthony & the girls who are so desperate to be in some sort of water. LOL

I wasn't terribly happy as it is not Ant who has to get up to the girls if they get sick. (an old wives tale he tells me, mmmm we could argue about that), and no they didn't get sick (from this crazy adventure at least) So my little outdoor, water munchkins, donned wetsuits & went the middle of winter. BRRRRRRRR.

Happy Tuesday.

Love Me xxx

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I cannot believe it...........

but as well as seeing my beautiful family look what is on when I am there. I am sooooo excited. Anthony told me to register today. I cannot believe it, I am pinching myself. I mean Tim Holtz, Kelly Purkey, Kelly Gooree, just to name a few & vendors galore with new CHA goodies!!!! Ooooohhh please don't be jealous. Of course Tim Holtz classes were completely sold out, but I did manage to book into a Maya Road Canvas Class & a Dear Lizzy with Kelly Purkey. YAHOO. (This of course depends on what my little bro & his lovely wife have planned for us).

So of course the most important is seeing my family but what an amazing opportunity and of course being in the USA it was $20 for 3 days entry. Can you believe that??!! So my funk is kinda gone & I have been scrapping & cleaning up. Also enjoying my beautiful new white blinds that Dad installed while he was here. The house is looking lots better. We still now have a bit of work when we get back but hey I won't be thinking about that in 29 days!!!! Happy Saturday.

Love Me xx

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Funky Thursday......

So feeling a bit in a funk today, home wise, scrapping wise, life wise. We have been so busy, (I hate saying that but I am afraid it is the truth) and I feel like crawling into bed for a week. The girls are a bit sick, so we have a couple quiet days. Am quite happy they are getting it now, we have dodged it for awhile, as I really don't want them sick when we travel. So ideas anyone on  - What do you do when you have a funk?? What do you do when you need some inspiration/motivation??

Happy Thursday.
Me xxx

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Babies, babies & more babies......

hence the reason for lack of posts & me being busy. I have spent the last two weeks crafting for this beautiful girl. We are soooo excited for Ruthie. She has waited a long time for another little one & now the little miracle is nearly here. Here is some shots from her baby shower.

She loved the quilt I made (my very first one), thanks to my beautiful friend who was my support team & helped me. It turned out awesome & even had to make our own binding. I was so worried but seeing Ruth's face was enough for me.

The baby book I made for everyone to sign for her. (it is Fancy Pants Wishful Thinking, Prima & some house of scrapbooking chipboard & a Kaiser acrylic album).

I also made some balls. I saw a tutorial here & decided I could do them, added my own little twist. I think they turned out great. (As I couldn't find a nice yellow crepe paper Brit had the idea of painting the white, thanks sweets). They look gorgeous & I think I will be making some for the girls rooms.

beautiful Ruth & Gracie.

Me (looking very tired) with the sexy mama!!! She has been such an incredible friend to me & is like the sister I never had. We cannot wait to share in this new journey with you. Love You.
I am a very tired chook so I am heading to bed. Happy Sunday. Back soon.

Me xx

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Chain & 42 days

So the girls wanted to do a chain & copy their cousins. They are soooo excited. Only 42 to go.

I am just as excited as they are, albeit a little tired from our work schedules. Happy hump day.

Me xxx

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