Saturday, August 21, 2010

A gorgeous boys birthday...........& Classes at Scrapfest............

Today want to shout out to my little Nephew Jentzen, its his birthday today. I cannot wait to see his cute little face. I think they are all going to be freaked by their Aunty Mel. LOL.

Isn't he a cutie patootie!! Happy Birthday sweet boy. Get so sad that I miss all your birthdays & am not seeing you grow. 
Am thankful today that we have the awesome opportunity to spend 7 weeks with them all.

So I just thought I would share what classes I am doing at Scrapfest. To say I am excited is a little of an understatement. It is one of the biggest in America and instead of stores like our craft shows it is the manufacturers there!! WOOHOO. So am trying to keep it toned down a little as I have to organise all our stuff for 3 kids. It is going to be an interesting ride!! Here are the classes......

Dear Lizzy with Kelly Purkey. Although I already have all these papers & probably don't need anymore of them, I thought a class with Kelly Purkey would just be cute & FUN. I missed out on a couple of other classes I could have done (like Tim Holtz) as they were all sold out. The other class I am going to do is with Caroline Lau from Maya Road. I am a big Maya fan, love all their trinkets, mists etc & I really love canvas.

So that's it for me today. I have to make a diorama for Lucia for her project today. She has chosen The Little Mermaid. If I thought I was creative, then this project has definately challenged that. You will probably all get sick of me talking America until I go, but hey its only 24 days!!! Have a great Saturday.

Love Me xx


Sheree said...

He sure is a little cutie Mel! Hope he has a fun-filled day!

Those classes look fantastic! So wish I was coming with you! :(

Sheree xx

Leanne said...

WOO HOO, you are going to have the bestest time eva Mel!!!!! Your nephew is certainly a cutie patootie.

Hope you all have an amazing time visiting your family
xx Leanne xx

Karen said...

I feel like I have missed him growing up too...where has the time gone!!!