Sunday, August 31, 2008

We are all Sick.........

Well this is what my house has looked like for the last couple of days.....& now I have it much for being a soldier & soldiering on.....I hate being sick!!! Anyway might be a couple of days between posts while we all shake this thing!!! I did have photos but alas my camera has decided not to play, think it is on holidays......Have a great couple of days......Me xx

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heaven Sent CyberCrop...

Our Cyber Crop is on this weekend both Saturday August 30 and Sunday August 31! The theme for the Cyber Crop will be 'Flower Power'. We will post two challenges on Saturday and two on Sunday. You can join us for one challenge, two, three or do them all!!! On Saturday night (around 7.30 pm, SA time) there will be games too. THERE ARE PRIZES TO BE WON & SHOULD BE LOTS OF FUN!! Go here to check out our forum for more information. We'd love to see you there!! I will be popping in over the week-end & learning some stuff for myself....have a great one everybody. Me xx

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Miracle of Life.......

This is Val's beautiful grand daughter Taylor Rose born last night (hope you don't mind Lee borrowed your photo). Isn't she beautiful & so little. I met Val at the Scrapyard (don't even know when it was) & she has harassed me since, LOL. I love her, she is one of those amazing people that sets you at ease, takes you at face value & just loves you!! She is also very down to earth & honest. We have been praying for her daughter Kristy & this little one. She was born at 27 weeks. Val please know we are continuing to pray for her & can't wait to meet her. It makes you realise how fragile & incredible LIFE is!!! I thank God every day for the little things......have a great hump day....Me xx

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As of today I am stepping down from my DT role at has nothing to do with Michelle & her awesome team!!! Go girls.....Please support Michelle & the girls, they do a fantastic job!!! I have just realised that I took way too much on, my life is too busy at the moment & I need to get some sleep!!! I will be concentrating on Heaven-Sent which is another team I am part of & maybe do some subs. It was a hard decision as I never give up on anything, but I feel that I couldn't really give it 100% & they deserve that!! I am just way too busy & I need to breathe. I was starting to not enjoy what I was doing, & as you all know life is too short for that.....I was concentrating on scrapping as a job rather than the creative outlet I need it for. Jill (this beautiful girl that I have never met) has said to me, just enjoy it Mel & so in those words that is what I am going to do. I will have some shares soon & hopefully some exciting stuff once I can start playing again!!! At the moment I am just going to take a little time out!! Don't worry will still be stalking all your blogs & will post photos of my little life!! Love Me xx

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nada Zippo NOTHING......

There is too much going on in my little life.....deadlines, kids, food, parties etc etc. I think I have finally thrown my hands in the air......I need to breathe!!!
Me xxx

PS by the way I am a bit like my beautiful friends, if you find my mojo, please send it back, with some rest!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Real Men Wear Wetsuits......

Well I am baack.....after technical difficulties, a week away, an anaconda race & many hours of driving, petrol & lots of food......
We had this before we went away & He did awesome, he kicked those young guys butts & came third in the swim!! Not bad for an old man hey... It amazes me how this man can swim 2km in (freezing cold water mind you & in a surf wetsuit which weighs you down & keeps water in)& still have a smile on his face.....then do not only the swim but help with the ski & run a couple of km too......still with a smile on His face.....he definately inspires me......

Also Georgia got to do this......(she has wanted to do this since she was 4 but you have to be 6) & it was free.....ROCK ON...

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Also just a little collage of our little week getaway to Minniwaters......can feel a mini book coming on......LOL........
So much more that I have to share but I had a little accident & can hardly move my neck!!!! So will catch you up on all the rest of our little life some scrapping & some DT stuff to share!!! Have a great Monday....Me xx

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Escaping the Cold to the Cold....

Well I have lots to share & heaps of photos but just a quick post. My DH has decided to take us away for a couple of days down south.....I would think we would go somewhere warmer but anyway we are all sooo excited. The girls love it & so do I. I might even take some scrapping stuff with me......LOL. Anyway will post when I get the way my gorgeous friend Sheree is having her 100th post & she has a RAK!! Go over there & check it out, you might just win it!!!! Also these two amazing scrappers just got American Crafts.......Jill Geraghty Groves & Belinda Venables. So awesome to see Aussie talent getting out there. You go girls, you give all of us inspiration!!
Also you have to go check out this site , I feel so blessed to be part of this awesome team & the shop, forum & challenges are fantastic!! Hop in & check it out, you won't be disappointed.
Hope you all have a GREAT week. Much Love Melxx

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A New Life.......

Isn't this just the most incredible thing!!?? This is my new little niece or nephew....(yes they are very frustrating not finding out for us, I mean how rude!!) It is with much joy & anticipation that I share this with you. This little picture is my SIL Kaz & my Bro's 4th little one. It also is sad for me as I always thought I would be a big part of their kids lives but 20,000km makes that quite difficult!!! Some days I miss them all desperately but I know that they are happy, so that makes it easier. They are just the most precious kids. Plus my own little family keeps us quite busy. I know if we lived closer we would spend copius amounts of time & our kids would all grow up together, maybe one day. Anyway I know this will be another gorgeous Walkington & we look forward to meeting Him/Her in about 2 years!!!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To You..........

It is this gorgeous mans birthday today. I am so blessed that God made a man like him. He is amazing & I really mean it I am not just being nice cause it's his birthday. He is strong, integrous, has deep values & a commitment to God & he just has the best sense of humour. Without fail if I get cranky with him, he makes me laugh. I don't think there is a time that I cannot tell him something or that he doesn't make me laugh!! I love after 19 years we still dig each other. He has always been there for me through our good times & our bad. I love sharing my life with this incredible my post for today is 37 (as he is turning 37) things I love about Him.

I love that when you set your mind to something you do it.
I love how you love me no questions!! (even when I am a hormonal mess)

I love that you pray whenever you go to work.
I love how you love our girls & spend lots of time with them.
I love that when I want to be slack you will get us going to church!!
I love that you will drive 100km just to see me when you are missing us & you are tired from training.
I love that you love fishing & you don't even like to eat it, but will come home & cook it up for me & the girls. (he doesn't cook either but does this awesome)
I love that you love surfing.
I love that you love fast motorbikes & are an adrenaline junkie.
I love that you can just chill out in front of Mash!!!
I love that you were there for all 3 girls births......all the way!!!
I love that you have the patience to teach the girls to ride without trainers!!
I love that you support me & encourage me in all I do, even scrapbooking!!!
I love that you always have so much energy!! You will do a big race & still be ready for more.
I love how you always, always make me laugh!!

I love how you are very compassionate.
I love that you are an everyday hero.
I love that you are going to write me a song!
I love that you are on ebay a lot always looking for a bargain(but you aren't obsessed like me)!!
I love that you always research everything before you make the final decision.
I love that you let me sleep in some mornings, even though you think I am wasting the best part of the day.
I love that you cuddle & kiss our girls ALL the time!!

I love that you let them win playing UNO.
I love that you think I am a HOT mama & are always touching me.
I love that you are particular about our cars & they have to be clean.
I love that you always have ideas for entrepenurial things so that you can retire & annoy me everyday (thats what you say).
I love that you love our grass being green & freshly mowed.
I love that you work so hard to provide for us without complaint.
I love that you always compliment me in front of other people.
I love that you don't like going out for dinner cause I cook better at home!! (so you say)
I love that you are soooo practical & yet when it comes to presents for me so generous.
I love that you give me a hard time about reading manuals (I don't).
I love that even though my family is kooky you love them & let mum live with us!
I love how you get on with my Dad & brother.
I love that you don't like changing nappies but you will.(not long & no more)
I love that you will watch the girls while I do stuff.
I love that although your garage is clean you drop your clothes everywhere inside.
Last but not least I love your hot body, but particuarly your cute patootie!!!

love you babe, happy birthday, here's to another 37 years. Mxx

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Going to Heidi, I'm going to Heidi....

Now don't be jealous but I am going to Heidi in 130 something sleeps.....She is coming over from China for 1 date in Brisbane in say I am excited is an understatement......thanks to DD my money has been paid & my spot is confirmed. Now thinking about it, being in a room with hundreds of women & scrapbookers.....well it will be interesting & as it is my first we will see how I handle it!!! I am going with these two gorgeous girls Sheree & Leanne so it is sure to be a hoot. That is about it for my Sunday.....have a great one. Melxx

PS Go over & check out Sherees blog, she has her 100th post & has a RAK to give away....
PPS I forgot to say I had an AWESOME morning tea with these two girls too...I think they are trying to undo all my running LOL. I am so blessed to have met these two amazing women!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Preparing for This Man's Birthday


Here he is with another love in his life. He just loves his motorbikes & I am totally ok with it. He is an incredible husband & although sometimes his driven, adrenaline seeking personality makes me worry for him, I would not have it any other way. It will be a quiet one I think, as he is not big on birthdays plus he is in training for this. He gets up at 5am mornings (he only misses when he works & then he does afternoons)to train for this event. He has always been involved somehow in swimming. He was a full scholarship holder at the Australian Institute of Sport & when his sister rang the other day she said you are on google "your record was finally broken after 20 years...can you believe that...& that wasn't even his best stroke......funny hey. He still holds junior champion records for swimming. I am so proud of this man. He always does what he sets his mind to do. I am going to try & make his day extra special & will do a post just for him on Tuesday!!! We always seem to forget the ones behind the scenes but I really want to honour this gorgeous man that God has given me!! Hope you all have a great Friday.....I will be watching SYTYCD!!! wohoo. Love Mxx
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