Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A New Life.......

Isn't this just the most incredible thing!!?? This is my new little niece or nephew....(yes they are very frustrating not finding out for us, I mean how rude!!) It is with much joy & anticipation that I share this with you. This little picture is my SIL Kaz & my Bro's 4th little one. It also is sad for me as I always thought I would be a big part of their kids lives but 20,000km makes that quite difficult!!! Some days I miss them all desperately but I know that they are happy, so that makes it easier. They are just the most precious kids. Plus my own little family keeps us quite busy. I know if we lived closer we would spend copius amounts of time & our kids would all grow up together, maybe one day. Anyway I know this will be another gorgeous Walkington & we look forward to meeting Him/Her in about 2 years!!!

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Leanne said...

How totally amazing is that photo. Isn't it exciting knowint that you are getting a new addition to the family.

CYA tomorrow
Leanne xxx

Kirsty said...

That is an amazing photo! Congrats Aunty Mel!