Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes it is me......

I am afraid that blogland has been a bit neglected of late. We have been very busy. I would love to say it has been to scrap but not. There is not really much to tell. Life just seems to go by so quickly. I know that there is a lot going on in the world & many people are going through some tough times. It is in these times that I am thankful that I have faith & a conviction that God will get us through. Today we got a surprise, my little bro was contacted by a young lady, Doreen. My parents fostered her two younger sisters when we were growing up. We loved these girls, I cannot tell you how attached we were to them. Also Doreen & her sister Julie were fostered by my granparents. Not once did I resent this I just thought that is what you did, open your home & hearts. Anyway some days you don't feel that maybe you have made a difference in someones life, this proves that sometimes just taking time & loving on people, that it can influence them & this world somehow. Imagine that, loving people for who they are & accepting them faults & all. So it is a short post today, I will leave you with a photo & also a little something that has really inspired me from this girl

3 things today that I am grateful for:

1. A loving beautiful family including my Darling Dad (who goes to a scrapbook shop & buys his daughter scrap stuff but not just for that, for instilling in me the importance of hardwork, love & acceptance, & my Mum even after all she has been through loves me for me & my bro (who I miss like crazy & can't wait to talk to him)
2. My beautiful other half (who is my other rock & with whom I laugh & share life with) I couldn't do it without Him. And of course my 3 cheeky monkeys, love you.
3. My long time friends & the new ones that I have met. Thanks for always being there for me.
Love you
Me xx

Saturday, September 27, 2008

CYBER CROP........woohoo

It is Heaven-Sent's Cybercrop this weekend. Go over & check it out. This week-end is on the ANIMAL KINGDOM. It is going to be so much fun. I will definately be popping in to be part of the challenges, prizes etc.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Evidence of a Haircut........

Yes guess what, little Liv decided to give herself a haircut today....I turned away for 30 seconds to brush my teeth & Georgia had left her craft scissors out.....well I came across all this blonde hair & just knew. She is a crackup this kid, constantly keeping us on our toes!!! She would not admit to cutting it either, just kept singing & shaking her head!! Will have to try & fix it tomorrow. Me Out xx

Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing Catch Up......

I feel like I am constantly playing catch up at the moment.....this week was a busy one.....We had Georgia's nursery Rhyme day which was fantastic, she actually got an award for her efforts. She is our little drama & music girl. I haven't got any photos as I videotaped it instead (as I have lost the movie making disc for my camera, won't be able to share that with you either)......on Friday took the girls to 2BKids (play centre) with my gorgeous friends Ruthie & Kim. The girls had a blast & we talked the whole time,actually relaxing for 2BKids. Then Anthony & I got a night off for this gorgeous lady's 40th birthday.......I have known Christine since she moved to Australia (I was one of the first Aussie chicks she met)& married Yves (he has known my family for over 30yrs)......she is an incredible woman,my beautiful friend & we had a lovely night......here are some pics......

Not much else happening in the Brewin household, the girls harassed us to go in the pool today, crazy kids, the water is still freezing but they love it. The photo of Georgia shows you how cold it is, she got out & went & put winter clothes on LOL. I didn't get other photos as they all decided to throw me in the pool!! I was very happy NOT......seriously it was nice family time. Am so happy Summer is coming......BBQ's, sunkissed baby girls, spending time with beautiful friends/family, the beach, mangoes, watermelon & strawberries, ice cold drinks & so many other things to look forward to......here are some pics from them today.....

Also this is my month for DT at Heaven-Sent, I have had so much fun with the kit that Ingeborg sent me. I am really enjoying being part of this awesome team. So here are some sneak peeks that will be up in the gallery on the 1st October. Also this week is our Cyber Crop, come along & join in the fun. This week-end there will be challenges, prizes & it is themed Animal Kingdom.....Will be awesome!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Few Things.......

Well I have sat down to do a post numerous times this week & I cannot believe it is Saturday.....it has been an interesting week & definately one of retrospection. In the last 12 months I have grown considerably in my emotions, personally & spiritually so when certain situations come up it has been so good to be able to set boundaries & be really comfortable & not guilty about decisions that I make. I have realised that in life there will be people who will be with you on the journey for a lifetime & only some for a season. I plan on making the most of life no matter what part I am for someone.
Now the deep stuff over, here is some stuff I am drooling over & impatiently waiting to hit our shores......I cannot wait to get my hands on some of this.....

It seems like a boring post, but really not a lot happening with the Brewin household, just our daily routine. Georgia is on school holidays soon & we will be doing some family stuff together in between Anthony working!! I so look forward to time with my girls. My posts might be a little sparodic.....hope everyone has a great week-end & stay safe. Remember
'Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?' Me xx

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged ........Again.......

I have been tagged by some lovely friends of mine who think I am ok......I have to apologise for not doing the other one......time gets away from me & I completely forget, so please don't think its because I don't appreciate it or love your guys blogs.......so here goes

The rules for the award are -
(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

1. Bek Vavic - well what can I say about his gorgeous girl, I have known her since I was 15 & we have just found each other again after 16 years!! Not only is she an amazing person but her scrapping is awesome. She is arty, fun & cool!!!

2. Sheree - a beautiful friend I have just gotten to know in the last 6 months (could you believe stalking you & Val in the shop & harassing your blog it would come to this??!!)She is an amazing scrapper I love her stuff, but I love her too!!

3. Jill - I am in awe. She is the most down to earth, lovely, & a truly amazing scrapper. She was really nice to this fan (I haven't even met her yet)& has encouraged me to scrap from the heart!!

4. Leanne L - I have only just met this lovely lady (at The Scrapyard) but everything about her is cool!! She is a great scrapper too & I love catching up with her & seeing her LO's on her blog!! Love ya babe

5. Liz - well I don't know this girl but she is pretty legendary in the scrapping circles & I don't go a day without reading her blog. Plus her scrapping is amazing!!!

6. Rita Weiss - I don't even know this lady but LOVE her scrapping. She is truly talented.

7. Chanel Stuck - I haven't met this lady either but am going to Heidi Swapp in December. Very cool chick!!!!

There are plenty of other blogs (inc Tim Holtz, Ali Edwards, Keisha Campbell, Belinda Venables, Mardi Winen, Donna Wild, OLW, Chanel Stuck,Making Memories)I check out on a daily basis. Actually my DH complains about the amount of time I spend on here. I probably spend too much time surfing the net & not enough time scrapping. So to all you girls & guys that I stalk often.......keep up the great work & inspiration!!!

Not much else happening on my end so will leave you with that today. Have a great Monday......Me xx

PS By the way it was my DD that helped me with my card reader......just had to put that in!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Big Big Week......

Well hooray fixed my card reader so I can now download photos......sigh....
This will probably be a long post so hold onto your hats......we had Georgie's very first sports carnival this week. It was so fun. She ran her race & apart from looking around everywhere she came 2nd. I was happy for her. We have been really trying to teach her that it doesn't matter if you don't win but that you enjoy what you do & finishing something is more important. (she is naturally quite competitive so this is a constant thing for us). She was happy & said to me Mum it doesn't matter if I don't win as long as I have fun!! So was happy our words are sinking in. It is kind of hard as both Anthony & I (especially Anthony) were competitive in our different sports, (but now we are older it is not really a priority) but we have always agreed that we wouldn't push our kids & that we had seen enough psycho parents who push their kids & have unrealistic expectations of them, we didn't want that for the girls. It is sometimes a hard balance to find!! Anyway the girls harassed us & wanted us to race in the parents race, well I definately didn't want to & in Anthony's word he doesn't run, he swims. It was very funny!!! (mind you I came 2nd & Ant won, but I can't move my legs today LOL)

Everything else is going well. Am in the process of completing my DT stuff for Heaven-Sent, they have great competitions going this month, go over & check it out.

Today we went to the beach to watch Anthony swim. He was in the Creek to Club. It is a fun race normally but today the conditions were pretty full on, very choppy & windy. He did really well as usual.......won his age group, was 2nd out of the water & is still waiting for overall results as they were sent in waves at different times!! He was very happy that he beat all the young guys!! We have a joke in our house & I call him my old man......so the old man kicked some serious butt this morning!! (I am sorry to say as I was watching 5 kids with 2 the same age, I didn't take any photos!!)

So not much else to tell you all......bro hope you got those photos I sent you!! Am missing you guys very much!! Will post some more photos soon.....Have a great Sunday everyone. Love Me xx

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well my card reader is still not working.....ARRGH....am so cranky & neither DH or myself can fix it so it seems, so looks like a visit to the camera shop is in order. Have quite a few photos & LO's to share but alas probably not in the next week. I am also still fighting this awful flu that I can't seem to shake......so frustrating......I have put a LO below that I did a while ago with my Scarlet Lime sub.....they have amazing monthly subscriptions & packed with heaps of original & designer stuff (you would think I was getting paid by them the amount I plug them)....anyways......hope you all have a great couple of days & a great week-end, we are off to Georgia's first big Sports Carnival tomorrow (stay tuned for photos)......should be a blast!!!! Me out xx

Stuff Used - Sei Paper, GCD chipboard, buttons, pink paislee stamps

Sunday, September 7, 2008

To the Two Best Men A Girl Could Have.......

Happy Fathers Day to You DD.....

You are the best Dad a girl could have. I don't even have the words to say thankyou for what you have been in my life. I know a lot of people have never had that sort of love, so thankyou. Thankyou for your encouragement, love, cuddles & the grounding that you gave me in the Word of God. Thankyou for always being there for Ant & I and for always supporting us, praying for us & just loving us. You are also a great grandad.

And .......

Happy Fathers Day to You my Darling Husband
You are the best husband a girl could have but most of all an incredible father!! Our girls are totally blessed to call you Daddy.

Love you both, have a great day. Me xxx

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Me Thinketh I am a Time Waster....

I thinketh that I spend FAR too much time surfing the net, reading blogs (of people I have never even met!!), scrapping shops, & etsy.......that is probably why I am not getting much done at the moment.....THROW in a flu that just won't go away followed by earaches & gooblies that continue......well I could be excused!! Throw into that - a camera card reader that is playing up so I cannot upload any photos plus I cannot find my direct plug for PC......me thinketh for very boring blogger!!! Lots happening in the Brewin household, some things to share, some not.....For the moment I am enjoying sitting in front of this & not really thinking about much at all......praying for health!!! well there you go I give up,can't even download a youtube video. Love you all Me xx

PS just remembered I had some scanned pages, so will add them for some interest!! LOL I was quite sick but had fun with these challenges for the last Heaven-Sent CC..