Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes it is me......

I am afraid that blogland has been a bit neglected of late. We have been very busy. I would love to say it has been to scrap but not. There is not really much to tell. Life just seems to go by so quickly. I know that there is a lot going on in the world & many people are going through some tough times. It is in these times that I am thankful that I have faith & a conviction that God will get us through. Today we got a surprise, my little bro was contacted by a young lady, Doreen. My parents fostered her two younger sisters when we were growing up. We loved these girls, I cannot tell you how attached we were to them. Also Doreen & her sister Julie were fostered by my granparents. Not once did I resent this I just thought that is what you did, open your home & hearts. Anyway some days you don't feel that maybe you have made a difference in someones life, this proves that sometimes just taking time & loving on people, that it can influence them & this world somehow. Imagine that, loving people for who they are & accepting them faults & all. So it is a short post today, I will leave you with a photo & also a little something that has really inspired me from this girl

3 things today that I am grateful for:

1. A loving beautiful family including my Darling Dad (who goes to a scrapbook shop & buys his daughter scrap stuff but not just for that, for instilling in me the importance of hardwork, love & acceptance, & my Mum even after all she has been through loves me for me & my bro (who I miss like crazy & can't wait to talk to him)
2. My beautiful other half (who is my other rock & with whom I laugh & share life with) I couldn't do it without Him. And of course my 3 cheeky monkeys, love you.
3. My long time friends & the new ones that I have met. Thanks for always being there for me.
Love you
Me xx

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Sheree said...

Wow Mel! Your brother must have been blown away to get that phone call! Love the old photos you've posted.

Looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow!
Sheree xx