Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quote for the Day....


A Little Bit of This & That.....

....Well here we are, Easter is over, hope you all had a good one :).
Ours was eventful & fun but back into the routine of things now. Only 8 more days of school & we have holidays, can't wait have been missing my big girl!!!! I might be a bit slack blogging as my camera has to go into the shop to get repaired (no I didn't break it), the sensor needs cleaning which they say for a digital has to happen every 12mths or so.......I will be a bit sad without my appendage that is for sure.....So in preparation for that here are some photos taken over the last couple of days.....

1st - New Swing Set (well sort of new this was a christmas present but DH was painting it & with all the rain you can imagine why it has taken so long).....the girls love it & I think we are the favourites with everyone at the moment.....pool, swings,trampoline TOO much fun!!! If only I as an adult could see with those little eyes......only see the FUN.

2nd - Stax On - playing with Daddy before bedtime.....or should I say Daddy stirring them up before bedtime..... he is fantastic with these girls, I am constantly amazed with his patience, love & know they absolutely love their bedtime routine cause daddy tells them stories - adventure, fun, teaching, etc etc, when he is not home, they give me a hard time cause 'Your stories are bad mummy we want Daddy's stories', got to love that hey!!!

3rd - Big Sister Love - There is a special bond with these two, Georgie is such a little mummy, Olivia cannot go to bed until she has a Georgie cuddle. I am sure when she can crawl out of her bed I will surely find her in here!!! It is so precious. I pray they will always be this close. (don't you just love the new doona cover I got for Georgie......gave me some ideas!!!!)

4th - A Little Creating - As I can't show you some of my stuff (I might give you a peek later when I can get some photos LOL) I decided to do some cards (just for fun here is one) and these cool birds which are from Heather Bailey go here for the free pattern (she also has a great headband one, for any of you headband girls!!
So that is about me for now gorgeous girls, hope to share some actual pages with you soon. I thank God everyday for the people that He is bringing into my life that not only touch me, but that maybe I can touch them too through this craft. Scrapbooking has enabled me to really get in touch with the creative person He placed inside me. Have a great week, love you,

Thursday, March 20, 2008


We started with this.......

that turned into this........

I know I know not what I had in mind, but I started this creation & then had to talk to myself about the fact that you can get so carried away with this type of thing....but it is not about us or our creative talents but it is for them....Needless to say Georgie had an absolute ball decorating the whole thing herself & she just loved her bonnet....(which wasn't really a bonnet but a cowboy hat!) The kids were fantastic & sang heaps of songs & then we had a huge morning was a really nice morning!!

Hence easter.....mmmmm......well I have been too busy this year for any sort of creating, nope not even cards.........slack, slack, slack. I am hoping to get some creating done over the next 4 days. I really hope you all have an awesome Easter, stay safe. Love you all. Melxx

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just some exciting news to share......I got a permanent DT position with Maya Memories......yes I am very excited and very thankful not only to Bek (my gorgeous old friend found) (check her out but also to Rajini for having an extreme amount of confidence in me & for giving me an incredible opportunity. Am just hoping to meet expectations!! LOL CHECK IT OUT! There is lots of cool stuff there so go crazy & keep your eye out for all our new stuff coming!!
love ya
M xxx

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back in The Real World....

This will just be a quick post today......did you notice my girls mismatched clothes on Moreton, oh the beauty of holidays & not worrying about all that stuff, plus they were determined to wear what they has been a busy week hence not much posting......I had a birthday (scary) & attended my Grandmas funeral in Lismore. It was sad but happy as she had been sick for quite awhile & she is released from her pain now. It was incredible to see how she impacted people's lives. It was hard for me to watch Dad & wonder how I will feel when that time comes for me to bury my parents (hopefully not for a very long time), it also made me think about my life!! What legacy am I leaving, what impact am I having on those people around me, including my beautiful girls. I try not to freak out at the incredible responsibility I have to raise well-adjusted, normal, loving, caring girls!! I also have a respect for the job that my Mum & Dad had in raising us. No one really talks about all the responsibility it is usually just the feelings......I am constantly reminded that this is not a job to take lightly. What we do today can affect generation after generation!!! Choose to live with love, mercy & encouragement - look always for the good & the strength in a person, not their faults & weaknesses!!! This is a daily challenge. Love you much Mxx

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moreton Island ......

Sunset at Moreton. This was our outlook from our site every afternoon, isn't it delightful!! We had a wonderful time & after the initial shocking 2 days (Olivia had gastro), we relaxed, fished, swam & had awesome family time. The girls loved it, Georgia snorkelled for the first time on her own & her & Ant got heaps of fish everyday for us to cook. What a simple life. It makes you appreciate the little things in life that is for sure. I got a chance to take some great photos so you will see some of those soon hopefully on pages!!! It is good to be back & my blogging will be caught up soon, I hope LOL!!! Here is a couple of other photos I wanted to share!! Be blessed. M xx

My Girls Little Tootsies

The Girls getting firewood for campfire & marshmellows (of course)

Olivia could not be left out