Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Little Bit of This & That.....

....Well here we are, Easter is over, hope you all had a good one :).
Ours was eventful & fun but back into the routine of things now. Only 8 more days of school & we have holidays, can't wait have been missing my big girl!!!! I might be a bit slack blogging as my camera has to go into the shop to get repaired (no I didn't break it), the sensor needs cleaning which they say for a digital has to happen every 12mths or so.......I will be a bit sad without my appendage that is for sure.....So in preparation for that here are some photos taken over the last couple of days.....

1st - New Swing Set (well sort of new this was a christmas present but DH was painting it & with all the rain you can imagine why it has taken so long).....the girls love it & I think we are the favourites with everyone at the moment.....pool, swings,trampoline TOO much fun!!! If only I as an adult could see with those little eyes......only see the FUN.

2nd - Stax On - playing with Daddy before bedtime.....or should I say Daddy stirring them up before bedtime..... he is fantastic with these girls, I am constantly amazed with his patience, love & know they absolutely love their bedtime routine cause daddy tells them stories - adventure, fun, teaching, etc etc, when he is not home, they give me a hard time cause 'Your stories are bad mummy we want Daddy's stories', got to love that hey!!!

3rd - Big Sister Love - There is a special bond with these two, Georgie is such a little mummy, Olivia cannot go to bed until she has a Georgie cuddle. I am sure when she can crawl out of her bed I will surely find her in here!!! It is so precious. I pray they will always be this close. (don't you just love the new doona cover I got for Georgie......gave me some ideas!!!!)

4th - A Little Creating - As I can't show you some of my stuff (I might give you a peek later when I can get some photos LOL) I decided to do some cards (just for fun here is one) and these cool birds which are from Heather Bailey go here for the free pattern (she also has a great headband one, for any of you headband girls!!
So that is about me for now gorgeous girls, hope to share some actual pages with you soon. I thank God everyday for the people that He is bringing into my life that not only touch me, but that maybe I can touch them too through this craft. Scrapbooking has enabled me to really get in touch with the creative person He placed inside me. Have a great week, love you,

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