Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday in the Park.........

what a beautiful day to be outside today. We went to church & then met our lovely friends down at Burleigh Park. Although it was a bit windy & chilly, the sun was out and the kids had their scooters & a great park. We got fish & chips and pizza & just totally relaxed in the sun. We really enjoy hanging out with these guys, (although we don't do it often enough with the boys schedules for work), as they are just so easy to be with. We all have a lot in common & the kids really play well & like each other. I feel very blessed to have met them. Here is a photo of us. We didn't get any of the kids, I left my camera in the car & Sheree had her little snap happy. Sometimes it is just nice to enjoy the moment than trying to get photos of everything. Plus Sheree & I got to go to the local markets that were on that day while the boys minded all the kids. YAHOO. There was a lot of beautiful handmade stuff & we had a ball.

Then something terrible happened!!! (yes we were watching them) but all the kids were on this equipment called the roly poly & then Ayden started yelling about Georgia.........her hair had got caught in the ball bearing of the thing that turned the cup around. My heart was in my mouth expecting that I would have blood & half her scalp hanging off. Praying I went over to her & luckily enough she had just ripped a whole heap of hair out, no blood. She now has a bald patch at the top of her head, poor little thing, but she learnt a hard lesson that when mummy says to put her hair up, next time she will. (I had enough hair to fill a clip lock back so you can imagine how much it was). She sooo didn't want to go to school but we were able to put her hair on the side and cover it up. I do have photos but I decided that I didn't want to embarass her, I will keep those to show her. Needless to say she was very brave & I am so thankful that she didn't have a major injury. All in all despite this we had an awesome day & can't wait to do it again (without the near scalping of course).

Happy Sunday.

Me xx

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some Scrapping to Share...........

These layouts were done in classes at Sunbird Scrapbooking. I am thoroughly enjoying it. The girls are awesome & it is so fun doing something that I love & am passionate about. I love watching how happy they are to be learning something new & then being happy with their final product. I still can't believe that people actually want to learn from me & like what I do. I am still amazed by it!!!
Here is some detail of the flowers punched from a Martha Stewart flower punch, roses made from Kaiser flowers and my beautiful stamps from lawn fawn, she makes the cutest stamps *wink*.

I also made some cards from the same stamp set (to go with the classes). I haven't used some of the others. They are sooo cute and versatile!!!!

This next layout was using Little Yellow Bicycle Clothesline paper. I loved this range, so pretty & perfect for girls pages.

Here is the details of the rosettes that I have made from patterned paper (I did see these on a tutorial but for the life of me can't remember where?? I sort of added my own flare, so when I find it again will give you the link. There are sooo many flower tutorials out there so go have a looksie, google is a good friend!!! *wink*, chipboard is from House of Scrap (Sunbird stocks a huge range of their gorgeous product).

So I will be back soon with some more shares. I have classes running through June and July. Looking at these I realise I really need to do some boys & other pages. With all the gorgeous ranges coming out they are really aimed at girls. Mmmm will have to get some photos of my nephews & try my hand at them. *grin*

I am a tired girl tonight, so I am going to get some chocolate, grab a vid & kick back with my beautiful husband whom I haven't seen all week. Happy Saturday. Me xxx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


of freshly trimmed greenery, fairy lights, soothing music, princess tea parties, organic produce, rich blossoms, creative space, homemade quilts, plenty of friends, laughter & Life.

Happy Wednesday.
Me xxx

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Monday.......

Photo of a flower because this chicky did not take any photos all weekend. Can you believe it.
Anthony worked a little so the girls and I had a quiet weekend. We took them to Wet and Wild on Sunday and had an absolute ball. Georgia and Lucia were crazy going on all the rides & at the end of the day Anthony harassed me into going on a ride. None of the girls wanted to go with me as they said I am too boring. LOL. It was an awesome day & we didn't have to wait for any rides. Yeah for it being a bit colder!!

So my classes are going well at Sunbird Scrapbooking. Go out and check out the website.
Will post some photos soon. Happy Monday.

Me xx 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Student of the Week....

Georgia got an award this week, she was student of the week. How cool is that!! We are not pushy at all & we are happy as long as the girls are happy & doing ok. She was so excited and very proud of herself as she has been working really hard. (Plus I have forgotten all the other times both Georgie & lulu got star awards, sorry girls mummy will get better at this) Georgie we love you, you are always a star to us.

On other news well there is not much of that, hence the lack of blogging. We are just cruising along. Taking each day as it comes. I am still applying for jobs & just waiting & trusting that the right doors will open. We are counting down to our trip to the USA and I am still teaching classes each week at Sunbird Scrapbooking in Burleigh. My classes have grown, which is really exciting and the girls who come each week are awesome!!! After my class tomorrow will share some layouts.

Hope you are having a great week. Happy Tuesday.

Me xx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WOW I won something...........

Just won myself a kit of the new Cosmo Cricket Delovely. How cool is that. Anything that I don't have to pay for is always a bonus. Was kinda praying for the Pink slice, but hey got to be happy with that one!!!!

We'd like to quickly announce the winners of our Mother's Day Giveaway! The grand prize winner of 1 Free Making Memories Slice Think Pink Cordless Digital Designer is: LISA M from LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA!!  The two second prize winners of $25 StopAndScrap Gift Certificates are: JANEY P from METHUEN, MASSACHUSETTS and SHIRLY A from DURHAMVILLE, NEW YORK .
The three third prize winners of a Cosmo Cricket DeLovely sample pack are: AMY from SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, MELANIE BREWIN from PALM BEACH, AUSTRALIA and THERESA G from MUNSTER, INDIANA!

How's that!!!!!

Happy Hump Day.

Me xx

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some photos of my little chickies......

Was amazed I got these shots of Lucia, she does not like getting her photo taken.

Such a character our little Georgie girl is......

And lately cannot get a photo of this little chickie. Mmmm I think my days of 100's of photos are going to wane for awhile while she asserts her independance & says Mummy stop nnoying me??! (yes that is how she says it without the a.......soooo cute)

I love these girls. They are my heart, my joy, my treasures. Love you.

Mama xx

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Layouts & some ramblings......

This is my layout for last weeks sketch over at Scrapzbiz.

and just some other layouts over the last couple of weeks.

Think I might have a slight obsession with banners. Love em.

I reguarly get little notes like this & I always forget to share them.
(This is from georgie, she writes them to me & to Daddy. She is so sensitive & loving. She also draws all the time & reads like there is no tomorrow.)

(Lucia is always doodling, drawing & claims she wants to be an artist when she grows up)

Both the girls are quite arty, have no idea where they got that from, but we have had comments quite a lot about their artwork. Mmmmm bit like the dancing gene, pretty sure that skipped a generation!!! LOL. You know one mother actually asked Ruth if we took Lucia to art lessons, I mean seriously, she's 5. Get a grip. So many people are so willing to push & prod their kids & place HUGE expectations on them. I would just like them to be happy, healthy & have a childhood. They have plenty of time to grow up and deal with all that later on. So if you have lasted this long without chocolate, woohoo. Ramblings of a mama who probably needs some sleep.

Happy Friday.

Me xx

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where is She.......

a little voice I hear.......Mama come find me??? Of course the other girls are in on it, saying Mum where's Livvy?? She is amazingly quiet (for Livvy) so this is what I find......

mmmm still playing the game......Livvy where are you?? now usually I hear little giggles etc but nope quiet as a mouse!!! LOL

She is the funniest kid. She has done this since she was really little, hiding herself in places. I have a photo of her hiding in a footstool at church. I have had a really big week this week so just wanted to keep it light. Remember life is short, make sure you make the most of every moment!!!

Happy Hump Day.

Me xxx