Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Layouts & some ramblings......

This is my layout for last weeks sketch over at Scrapzbiz.

and just some other layouts over the last couple of weeks.

Think I might have a slight obsession with banners. Love em.

I reguarly get little notes like this & I always forget to share them.
(This is from georgie, she writes them to me & to Daddy. She is so sensitive & loving. She also draws all the time & reads like there is no tomorrow.)

(Lucia is always doodling, drawing & claims she wants to be an artist when she grows up)

Both the girls are quite arty, have no idea where they got that from, but we have had comments quite a lot about their artwork. Mmmmm bit like the dancing gene, pretty sure that skipped a generation!!! LOL. You know one mother actually asked Ruth if we took Lucia to art lessons, I mean seriously, she's 5. Get a grip. So many people are so willing to push & prod their kids & place HUGE expectations on them. I would just like them to be happy, healthy & have a childhood. They have plenty of time to grow up and deal with all that later on. So if you have lasted this long without chocolate, woohoo. Ramblings of a mama who probably needs some sleep.

Happy Friday.

Me xx


Karen said...

Girly pics! How Fun!! I only get Dinos, and dirtbikes, and aliens :) Ava, well I fear she has gotten the short end of the artistic stick...but she's gotten my love for games!! :) :)

Sheree said...

Oh I love that Ballerina layout!!! So pretty and gorgeous!!!! So good to see your layouts in a post! ;) Wow...Lucia really is quite the little artist isn't she! Her drawings are so cute!

Sheree xx

Brittany said...

I LOVE that page of you and Anth! Good work woman! Love yoU!

rvavic said...

I love ALL your layout sweets... super cute!

FABULOUS drawings... give the girls a hug for me.