Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Itis....

Well it is Monday, we had a very full weekend (said goodbye to our friends going to France & many other birthday parties & dinners, always happens at once, no social engagements then BANG all in one week!!!!) & my baby girl is still not 100%. Praise God though she is eating & seems to be on the road to recovery & also thanks Mum who was the legend to mind her for us while we traipsed around the Gold Coast. Here is some photos we took the other day, it is quite funny really we can never really get a good family photo or one of the girls & I. LOL.......I always seem to be on the other side of the camera (which I prefer anyway) is just a couple of photos from our little jaunt to the beach after a VERY LONG week stuck at home.........I literally did the school run & came home!!!! The girls needed to get some fresh air & space. Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!! Mxx

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Since I started my blog this girl has been one of my favourites & one of my links. Well she is giving away this AWESOME rack pack full of unreal goodies!!! (hoping I get a chance to win wahoo LOL). Anyway not only is she inspiring with the Word of God, but also in her creative talents!!! Even though I have never met her, she seems like a very genuine, loving person. I think she rocks, so go check her out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

LOOOOOVE Brown Boxes....

I just love these brown exciting full of lots & lots of goodies.......I was especially excited when this arrived from Utah as I wasn't expecting it for 3 months. I gave in & subscribed to a monthly kit from ScarletLime, the owner Christy Tomlinson is very talented & organises these incredible kits every month, (I know I know I am addicted) but you should check it out!! I had decided to wait & get mine all at once, but this little beauty arrived early!!! Woohoo you should see the stash in this box........designer stamps, roller stamps, flowers, ribbons, chipboard..........endless possibilities!!!!

It cheered me up for the day as I was dealing with my poor baby still sick. Praying she gets better real soon & I am going to catch some zzzzz's after once again salivating over my box!!!! Monday Out M xxx

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Dreary Week-end......

Well this weekend was definately not our normal.......saturday was pretty cruisey (which is kinda normal), had our cooked breakfast (which rocked by the way) went looking at some things all together & then just relaxed as Anthony had a night shift & it was pouring rain.......then we were awoken sunday morning......poor liv had the vomits/ when you have multiple kids this is not a welcoming thing (plus out of everything this is something I just HATE) no church for us today (we had our own little shindig at home), with poor little liv looking worse for wear.

Tonight my girl (love this young woman) is coming over & we will probably scrap for awhile & watch "raymond" (mum bought me the whole 6th season for my birthday) is soooo funny. I think I have a warped sense of humour......but when I was pregnant with Lucia I watched this every week & laughed my head off. If I could add a video I would, I think I am technically challenged but if someone wants to help me out let me know how to attach the videos etc. Anyway there is heaps of YouTube if you want to check it out. It is a very dysfunctional family & very funny!!!

Also reading a book (which I may get to finish but not this week LOL) called Safe People. It is excellent. Go here to have a is about relationships/friendships etc.........

That is about me at the moment, am trying to get some projects finished, which I am finding quite challenging, but keep your eye out here........
Am leaving you with a photo of our middle girl lulu. She is a crackup, such a night owl (like me), anyway Ant & I let her stay up one night a little later & she was drawing away, we thought it was very quiet..........she had totally crashed on the floor, pencil still in her hand, now that is a serious artist!!!!......I couldn't help it had to take a photo!! She is a doll. Later lovelies, have a great week.... Mxx

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Date with Our Girl

Well we had a great hump day today, we had a date with our Georgia Girl. Coffee at Burleigh Beach & a play on the park, looking at shells & then off to the movies for "Horton hears a Who", very cute movie, with a strong message. Needless to say Georgia felt very spoilt & had a ball with some special time with Mummy & Daddy. We haven't had much chance to do this just with the girls one on one (having 3 girls under 4 would probably be the reason). As they get older we realise the importance of having that time with each of them. It was a great day & I am truly blessed by these awesome people in my life. I love love love this man who is the most amazing father & husband. I love this girl who is an amazing young girl!!! Hope you all had a great HUMP day........have a great week.......will post some LO soon.........I am getting better at blogging LOL hugs Mxx
PS have decided we live in one of the best places, how is this for a cold day!!! (view from burleigh - beautiful one day - perfect the next!!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

.......Loving Our Time.......

Don' t you just love the week-ends, time to just kick back & relax.......Ant worked on Saturday & the girls & I hung around the house......I decided to start an album (thanks Bek) I had started albums on Shutterfly go here to have a looksie, they are the coolest!! My beautiful sister in law did albums for my parents 3 years ago & I loved them. It is sort of a compromise when you just know you will never get ALL your photos scrapped, & your kids are wondering where they even came from!!! LOL . Even some of our illustrious scrappers are designing for them now......well I have had my albums sitting there for about 18 months now to finish........I decided I would use some of the printed photos & do some albums for the girls, I was feeling a bit creative!!! Here is a peek at something I did using some buzz & bloom I just LOVE their stuff!!!!
I will post some more photos soon.......I am actually getting my mojo back.......YIPPEE!!! Cannot wait for the Scarlet Lime Stamp selloff....on etsy keep your eye out for that, if you haven't checked out Christy's stuff you have to go & have a look here. I get a monthly subscription, am SOOOOOO excited to get my stuff even though I will be a little behind...... I am loving the new 5th Avenue Line from Making Memories will post some stuff when I am finished. Also will have some design stuff from Maya Memories that I have been working on, so it is all go, go, go.....keep your eye out if you are interested......have a great Monday sweets.......Mxx

Thursday, April 10, 2008

.....In a Big Bed Now.....

I cannot believe baby girl is in a big bed now!! It is really sad our last little one!!! I no longer have a cot or baby stuff!!! sniff sniff. Note how she has totally destroyed the sheet, (it is supposed to be on the bed underneath her covering her sheepie)......she is an amazing little girl. We are so blessed with our little gift. She is feisty, strong, funny & sometimes very tiring......this particular night I wasn't sure how she was going to go in a big bed, but she loved it. She is always trying to be like her older sisters, always wanting to do what they are doing & being wherever they are!!! She is their little shadow & she has no fear. She does destroy their stuff occasionally not meaning too of course. We sometimes hear the girls "mum liv is in our STUFF"... She is such a joy & yet challenging all at the same time. Lucky she is my third, I have relaxed a lot more & can be quite tough yet gentle......don't let her get away with stuff even though she is our baby!!! We would not be without her. She goes all day & then flops into bed, fast asleep. We love you Livvy, cannot believe how fast you are growing!!!! Please don't grow up too fast!!! love you xxxx

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

......Where is My Mojo??? .........

It is feeling like a sad week......I was burning along being creative getting stuff done, doing kids, doing housework (I hate doing it but love a clean house) and I think I have lost it.......
I sit down and can't even think......does anyone know what that is like??? I NEED HELP!!! Some tips please!!!! I feel like the only time I get to do anything creative is when I am way too tired & too late at night. The girls are on holidays (which is really nice) but I have never really been one for 'me' time......I tend to give & give & give & feel rather selfish if I take time out.......we as women do guilt very well....... does anybody know of any retreat competitions??? (LOL) Maybe I could win a couple of days away!!!! Anyway send me your ideas, advice.........(3 children under 5 & not getting much sleep probably has something to do with it) to hear from you sweets......M xx

Friday, April 4, 2008

.....Love This Girl....

This is my bestie Ruth & her gorgeous daughter Grace.....I was checking out Lusi & Bek two very cool chicks, seeing their tribute to the people in their life & I thought about Ruthie. I have only known this gorgeous woman for 4 years (since Lulu was born) but she has been an amazing friend. She has been there for me through the thick & thin, my ugly days, my sad days, my breastfeeding & sleepless night days, the days that I thought I could run away!!. She cooked for us, cleaned for me (after I had a c-section), rang me every week sometimes every 2nd day just to make sure I was doing ok & still does it now.......she is an incredibly talented, strong & godly woman. I thank God everyday that he bought her into my life. You know it was about 12 months before I met her that we had been praying for some friends......ones that you really have a lot in common with & can just share life with (where the husbands really got along too).........along came the Nean family. What a blessing!!!! Gracie & Lulu are the best of friends & all the girls just love each other. I am so blessed to have this amazing friend to do life with, thankyou ruthie for all you have done & all you do. We love you!!!! I look forward to the next 40 years sharing more laughter, God stuff & even tears (geez we have to get through teenage years with at least 4 girls yet eek!!!). You are the Best!!!! Mxx

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


...This is the beginning of a new day....You have been given this day to do as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. when tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in it's place something that you have left behind.........let it be something good. Author Unknown

Something to think & ponder many times do we take for granted a single day.....worrying about seemingly unimportant things & opinons!!?? I have spent a lot of my life worrying about what people have thought about me & my decisions, I have realised at the tender age of 36 that I am a daughter of the most high King, that I have an inheritance, that I will disapoint somebody & everybody at some stage, that I can't please everybody, I can't make every situation perfect or right, & I can't fix everyones problems so they are happy.........I need to make the most of every single day that I have like I have not been hurt, accept the things I cannot change & hope & pray for a better future for my family. To appreciate the awesome husband that God gave me & that we do have 3 beautifully created gorgeous, healthy girls who constantly delight us.
love ya sweets Mxx