Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Date with Our Girl

Well we had a great hump day today, we had a date with our Georgia Girl. Coffee at Burleigh Beach & a play on the park, looking at shells & then off to the movies for "Horton hears a Who", very cute movie, with a strong message. Needless to say Georgia felt very spoilt & had a ball with some special time with Mummy & Daddy. We haven't had much chance to do this just with the girls one on one (having 3 girls under 4 would probably be the reason). As they get older we realise the importance of having that time with each of them. It was a great day & I am truly blessed by these awesome people in my life. I love love love this man who is the most amazing father & husband. I love this girl who is an amazing young girl!!! Hope you all had a great HUMP day........have a great week.......will post some LO soon.........I am getting better at blogging LOL hugs Mxx
PS have decided we live in one of the best places, how is this for a cold day!!! (view from burleigh - beautiful one day - perfect the next!!)

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