Friday, June 26, 2009

Something New.........

I signed up for this today!! It starts July 6th I am a bit excited. It is something I have wanted to sink my teeth into for ages. I have done some courses but I think this one will really help!!! Hope Friday is finding you all well??!! I am so happy it is the weekend & the girls are on holidays!!! YAHOO. I LOVE the holidays I have my beautiful girls home with me & we can just relax & hang out together!!!
Me xxx

Sunday, June 21, 2009

She Turned 5 ..........

I cannot believe you are goodness where has that time gone, my baby girl??
I can still remember when we were just thinking about you!!! Just a twinkle. So here is a few things about you at 5.....

You are a serious little thing (very like your Daddy) deep thinker, very quiet unless you are with someone you are comfortable with
You have a really dry sense of humour & come out with some hilarious things
You love jewels the bigger the better (:
You like what you like & that is that, including people
Your best friend is Gracie & without fail she will make you laugh
You love porridge, ice cream & strawberries & anything savoury (we nickname you our chippy monster)
You are very pedantic about how you like things (generally very organised & lined up)
You will keep at something until you can do it including puzzles
You do beautiful artwork (which is a bent I never expected)
You do dancing at school but are not as into it as Georgie & Liv (you have walked on your toes since you could move)
You still love disney princesses & mermaids
Your favourite movie is 'The Ugly Duckling & Me'
You are the smallest out of the three of you & you still wear clothes Liv is wearing
You are a real night owl, if you could stay up & sleep in, it would be perfect!!
You love to just be by yourself & play
You love alone time with Daddy & Me just hanging out on the couch watching tv
You love to ride your bike

So many other things I could tell you but most of all we love you our sweet girl. You truly are the meaning of your name "bringer of light".
Love Mama xxxxx

Saturday, June 20, 2009

An excursion & a ballet concert...........

well what a week. I had a new camera & it got a work out!!! Daddy went with Lucia to an excursion where they had a great time. Here is some photos........

Lucia also had her first ballet concert. THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!! She was a Zebra & Gracie was an elephant. They really are like two peas in a pod. We did try to get them separate classes just so they wouldn't get sick of each other but you should see these two. They are so funny & cute. I am so glad that Lucia has found such a special friend from really young. Here is some photos from this too.

Jenna (Georgies special friend) was also in the concert.....

It was a really busy week & so much I didn't document but that is ok. I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself. This is a great way to show the girls their life later on but I also don't want to defeat the purpose of enjoying the moment as well.
Happy Saturday. Me xxxx

Thursday, June 18, 2009

She lost her first tooth.........

excuse the blood, she was soooo excited. I have been telling her it is a great thing to keep your teeth for as long as you can. Funny kid. She couldn't wait to show everyone. The only reason it came out is she had a big one coming through behind.
I love this girl. Me xxxx

She is compassionate............

Isn't she just beautiful. This is the newest addition to the Brewin Household. Another girl. She is only 3 years old & has already had more hardships than most of us have seen. Her name is Shakure.
I have had it on my heart for a long time to sponsor a child & we also wanted to teach our girls about compassion & appreciating just how much they really have. In the western world we are so blessed & sometimes can forget just how much people go without in the world. One of our desires is to actually take the girls on a mission trip when they are older. I so want them to have a desire to make a difference in the world. I have always had a missions heart & am hoping one day Anthony & I might be able to do something in this area. Until then we are praying & hoping that we can teach the girls the importance of love, acceptance & doing good.
If you are interested in supporting a child please go here, there are so many desperate kids that need our help. You could really make a difference for only a cup of coffee a week!!!!
Me Out xxx

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Woohoo I have a new camera

isn't my hubby the best!! Thanks Ant you are beautiful. It is an entry level (not as complex as my D100) but I JUST LOVE IT. It is so light & so easy to use & new lenses. He got such a good deal (as always) & he told me I deserve it. It kinda blows me away just how awesome he is to me. I am not a real gifts person but it made me feel really special. He said you can't scrap or take photos without a camera.....

so hopefully now my blog will be updated!!! Yeah right......LOL
lots of things to catch up on, so keep watching!!!
Tonight I am out for a womens event here, which should be fun.
Happy Thursday. Me xxx

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Psalm 91.....

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in
the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge & my fortress, my God in whom I trust.

That part of scripture is so relevant for me today. I will trust Him no matter what is happening in my life!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Does Anybody know how hard it is..........

to have a blog & not be able to take photos!!! LOL it is a bit of an oxymoron really. Keep everyone up to date, but sorry no photos!!! *chuckle*

well this could happen for a little time until I have the challenge of my camera sorted out. I think I will be sticking with Nikon as I really like them. We will see. Will try & post some iphone photos, but everyone else seems to be able to make them look ok??? Me well I am technically challenged so that may not be happening anytime soon!!!

Hope you have a great weekend. Me Out xxx

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EVEN IF..................

I sometimes get cranky & raise my voice......
I still love you
I sometimes wonder what the heck am I doing.....
I still love you
I sometimes want to just run away & hide.......
I still love you
I sometimes think God has forgotten me........
I still love Him & you
I sometimes think that I don't measure up......
I still love you
I sometimes wish for better things & more time
I still have faith
I sometimes mess up (a lot actually)
I still love you
You sometimes drive me nuts & you are frustratingly stubborn
I still love you
My life was once ordered, organised, everything had a place & I was always in control, now seems to be disorganised, undordered, chaotic......
I still love you

I know that I am not perfect & that life throws things at you that you can either duck or work through. I have come on such an amazing journey to where I am now. I have been blessed with a brave, strong, incredible husband who loves us to the core & 3 beautiful daughters who just amaze me everyday. I guess it is about getting REAL, that life sometimes is not easy even in the everyday, but it is all worth it.
That sometimes it is ok just to have a breather & refocus to when & where you are meant to be. And even if you aren't perfect & don't have it all together, that is ok too. I sometimes feel this enormous responsibility of the life I am leading. No I am not depressed, but sometimes being real makes people realise that we are all human & we will make mistakes & that having it all together is not all it is cracked up to be!!! There will always be one ball that you can't juggle or priorities that really should have been priorities but weren't. We are going to blow it, sometime or another, & it is being ok in that, knowing that it is a journey & God's grace will always suffice.
Me xxxx

Monday, June 1, 2009

She Turned 3 today...........

my baby. I cannot believe it. I am sad yet happy for her being here & growing & healthy, sad as I cannot believe how fast it has gone. She is such a delight & truly makes our lives so interesting, noisy & fun.

She sings (Jesus) songs as loud as she possibly can
She loves Ariel & Belle
She loves Daddy, he is her favourite of all.
She is very affectionate
She loves her sisters even though they annoy her & she tells them off.
She is loud, bossy, confident & is constantly on the go (she cannot sit still)
She loves to dance & sing, like constantly. She is always wanting a dress on.
She totally knows what she wants like 99% of the time & is constantly telling me she do it herself
She loves Roxy (she is her baby & she calls her rocky)
She loves milk (in a bottle as I don't have the heart yet to take it off her)
She is talking much more than she has before
She loves the park & the beach & she is very tactile. Loves touching stuff & having it everywhere.
She calls for me saying Mama where is you???
She speaks so cute, all words mixed up & with letters off the words
She loves fish & chips, not big on sweets
She doesn't put on a weight, she is a little string bean
She is already wearing shoes that Lulu only grew out of last year & they are 2 years apart (poor baby she is going to be tall)
I have been told she is the spitten image of me & has my personality (poor kid)
so many other things I could list.......but most of all

Happy birthday our sweet princess, we are so blessed to have you in our lives.
Love Mama xxx