Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EVEN IF..................

I sometimes get cranky & raise my voice......
I still love you
I sometimes wonder what the heck am I doing.....
I still love you
I sometimes want to just run away & hide.......
I still love you
I sometimes think God has forgotten me........
I still love Him & you
I sometimes think that I don't measure up......
I still love you
I sometimes wish for better things & more time
I still have faith
I sometimes mess up (a lot actually)
I still love you
You sometimes drive me nuts & you are frustratingly stubborn
I still love you
My life was once ordered, organised, everything had a place & I was always in control, now seems to be disorganised, undordered, chaotic......
I still love you

I know that I am not perfect & that life throws things at you that you can either duck or work through. I have come on such an amazing journey to where I am now. I have been blessed with a brave, strong, incredible husband who loves us to the core & 3 beautiful daughters who just amaze me everyday. I guess it is about getting REAL, that life sometimes is not easy even in the everyday, but it is all worth it.
That sometimes it is ok just to have a breather & refocus to when & where you are meant to be. And even if you aren't perfect & don't have it all together, that is ok too. I sometimes feel this enormous responsibility of the life I am leading. No I am not depressed, but sometimes being real makes people realise that we are all human & we will make mistakes & that having it all together is not all it is cracked up to be!!! There will always be one ball that you can't juggle or priorities that really should have been priorities but weren't. We are going to blow it, sometime or another, & it is being ok in that, knowing that it is a journey & God's grace will always suffice.
Me xxxx


Brittany Snow said...

this is really beautiful mel!!
I think you are doing an amazing job.. you have three wonderful little brewins!!

rvavic said...

Sweets... such soulful words of truth.
We all feel this way from time to time, if that makes you feel any better?
You are wonderful and perfect just as you are... your girls are testament to what a beautiful mother and person you are.
Don't be so hard on yourself sweets.
Much love
Big hugs