Sunday, January 24, 2010


With headaches all this week & just generally feeling tired. I have been on some stuff for last 2 months to regulate hormones and to try to fix the fact my blood cells weren't getting enough oxygen!! Weird I know!! Anyway they ran out this week so have realised how much of a difference they really make. Only 3 days and my girls are back at school!! Boo hoo am not really that excited about getting up and organized (as much as I love being organized) but I have been enjoying the relaxation on schedule. So not much to share but cannot post without photos. Here is some from the other day, gotta love school holidays & the freebie entertainment that comes to shopping centres!!! The girls loved it and only Lucia commented on the smell!!! Lol

Cool huh. Plus I am stoked I am posting from my beloved iPhone!!! Woohoo love it even though the photos aren't awesome!!
Back soon with some shares.
Happy Sunday!!
Me xxx

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Only a week....

and already I have failed. See I told you I wasn't good with resolutions. Anyway I will endeavour to keep this updated without putting any pressure on myself. Lots happening around here as always & I am trying to spend as much time with the girls before they go back to school. At church at the moment we have two weeks of prayer & fasting, this is an interesting time to reflect & think about the future & also any requests that need to be made. Although I still have Liv at home & we plan to not have latch-key kids or put them in daycare, I am still thinking about what I will do & where we are all heading over the next 12 months. There is a desire for us to spend a year in the States with my brother, Anthony still has study & training to do (although he is now a fully fledged Senior Fire Fighter, go honey!!!), the girls will be settling back into school, Mum has to go in for a big operation, Dad is possibly moving up, we need to sell two cars, organise our house etc etc and the world is our oyster, as the saying goes!! But you know write the vision make it plain. I know God has it all under control. I am going to try and post reguarly,as I wouldn't want my US counterparts just put me to shame!!! Although they already do as they have the gift of the gab!! I guess I just don't want it to be boring!! (: Seeing I can't have a pictureless post here is what we are doing lots of at the moment......(well sort of trying to between working & life)......

Happy Hump Day.
Me xxx

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Word......

So this is the first time I have done this.......I am not a real resolutions girl, as I believe if you set something just do it, don't talk about it. This year I felt I needed to focus on certain my word for the year is BALANCE!!

Back soon. There will be some changes happening here soon.....
Me xx

Friday, January 15, 2010

Me & Ruthie.....

You know when you meet someone but you haven't known them all your life but it seems like you have!!?? That is Ruth. This girl has been the most incredible friend to me over the last 5 years. She knows me very well, she is one of the few people that I have really let get to know me. She has been with me through thick & thin and has always been honest with me even if sometimes the truth hurts. The thing is she gets me & still loves me!! She is a tower of strength, so confident in who she is & as God made her, is open, vivacious, honest, I could go on.....yes she has her faults but not many from where I am standing. She has withstood adversity & pain with such grace, strength & trust in God. Her little Gracie is Lucia's best friend and she is just gorgeous too. I cannot thank God enough from bringing them into our lives. We love them so much & no matter what happens or where we are I know we will always be friends. She truly is what I think a christian should be. Her whole family (whom I also love) also shine His love & His amazing grace. This week we got invited to an event that I am sooo excited about. It is a testimony of God's love & grace & restoration. Lizzy (who is just a doll) is engaged & getting married. I am so excited for her & their whole family. I never really say stuff about Ruthie but I really felt the need to post something so that I have a record of our amazing friendship.

Me Out xxx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Mini Love Affair........

So.......anybody who knows me or has known me for a long time, knows that I have a bit of a love affair with America. Why?? I do not know. All I know is that at 5 I promptly told my Mum I was going to Disneyland & I was going to live in America & I was going to pay for it myself. At 17 I took off on a plane (I now understand Mum why you were crying & worried, please stop me from being a blubbering mess & please don't tell my girls what I did!!) to the big old US of A. As you know my bro is living there now with an incredible family. It is not like it is Paris or Italy where the buildings are centuries old (I do still really want to see all of that) and you are tasting & learning a new culture but I just really like it. I really dig their shops!!! Scrapping is cheaper, furniture is cheaper, clothes are cheaper!!! And I love my family & friends that we have over there, that I could hang out with them forever!!! If only we could take the beach with us??!! So although I am not a real material girl, this was kinda fun deciding how I would decorate our American house??!! ROFL......So without further ado this is what I am in love with over there........apart from my family & that deserves a post all of its own!!!

I would do the two younger girls with this....

and seeing I couldn't find anything with horses or ballet......this for Georgia

or this to remind her of home......we could bring our own surfboard!!

Our Room.....

the guest bedroom (well one of them, they have big kickass houses over there!!)

family room

Scrap Room (but would need a little more storage....nudge nudge wink wink)

the Kitchen the hub of the house, I would have to have a big island bench as the girls love talking to me while I I love cooking so I need a big one....I would change the chairs as I am not a big seagrass fan.....

Are you getting I kinda like timber and white??!! HOOHUH. And also some little delights from Anthropolgie & Abercrombie.

I could just go nuts in their stores, so much goodness!! They also have markets & vintage junking which I think I would love. Yes people the REAL Mel is here & here to stay!!! So that's the exciting post to share with you today. Will be back with some scrapping & photos soon........maybe.......... have been totally pushing paper around on my desk,unmotivated to scrap or sew, as have been on a cleaning spree!!
Happy Monday. Me xx

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here I am 2010 ..............

can you believe its twenty ten!! Wow!! Well I am approaching this year with arms wide open. A few things happening around here. enjoying the last couple of weeks I have my girlies home........signs of summer, this is my everyday at the moment

also things are happening over at Scrapzbiz. there is a biggest loser comp on & it is really cool. It's all about getting motivated for the year & organising your stuff & your life.I am not a big resolutions girl as I think you should make goals all the time, but this year I am thinking about what it holds, where we are going & what plans we need to make. It has been kickstarted by this on the scrapping & organisation side anyway. LOL

And here is my first comp layout

Be back soon, one of my goals is to post more reguarly on here. LOL. Will see whether that changes this year. Dad is going home tomorrow so that will be sad. We miss you already Dad.

Me xx