Monday, January 4, 2010

Here I am 2010 ..............

can you believe its twenty ten!! Wow!! Well I am approaching this year with arms wide open. A few things happening around here. enjoying the last couple of weeks I have my girlies home........signs of summer, this is my everyday at the moment

also things are happening over at Scrapzbiz. there is a biggest loser comp on & it is really cool. It's all about getting motivated for the year & organising your stuff & your life.I am not a big resolutions girl as I think you should make goals all the time, but this year I am thinking about what it holds, where we are going & what plans we need to make. It has been kickstarted by this on the scrapping & organisation side anyway. LOL

And here is my first comp layout

Be back soon, one of my goals is to post more reguarly on here. LOL. Will see whether that changes this year. Dad is going home tomorrow so that will be sad. We miss you already Dad.

Me xx


Moira said...

Looking forward to more posts and more layouts! You're loving that Kraft lately :-)

Nathan said...

The only goal you NEED TO ACHIEVE this year is actually FREAKIN COMING HERE!!!

Sheree said...

So good to see you scrapping again Mel...and this page is just gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more! ;)

Sheree xx