Sunday, January 24, 2010


With headaches all this week & just generally feeling tired. I have been on some stuff for last 2 months to regulate hormones and to try to fix the fact my blood cells weren't getting enough oxygen!! Weird I know!! Anyway they ran out this week so have realised how much of a difference they really make. Only 3 days and my girls are back at school!! Boo hoo am not really that excited about getting up and organized (as much as I love being organized) but I have been enjoying the relaxation on schedule. So not much to share but cannot post without photos. Here is some from the other day, gotta love school holidays & the freebie entertainment that comes to shopping centres!!! The girls loved it and only Lucia commented on the smell!!! Lol

Cool huh. Plus I am stoked I am posting from my beloved iPhone!!! Woohoo love it even though the photos aren't awesome!!
Back soon with some shares.
Happy Sunday!!
Me xxx


Sheree said...

Oh the girls must've loved seeing all the animals!!! Great pics!

Sheree xx

Karen said...

Would those be bib overalls that Georgia is wearing???

Nathan said...

at least the overalls arent under a skirt... ha ha ha

Nice job on figuring out the iphone posting... what program you using to do it??


also you can look for
Video Camera
these 3 will allow video on your 3G, but you may have to have it jailbroken ;)

or pay for the program...