Thursday, April 10, 2008

.....In a Big Bed Now.....

I cannot believe baby girl is in a big bed now!! It is really sad our last little one!!! I no longer have a cot or baby stuff!!! sniff sniff. Note how she has totally destroyed the sheet, (it is supposed to be on the bed underneath her covering her sheepie)......she is an amazing little girl. We are so blessed with our little gift. She is feisty, strong, funny & sometimes very tiring......this particular night I wasn't sure how she was going to go in a big bed, but she loved it. She is always trying to be like her older sisters, always wanting to do what they are doing & being wherever they are!!! She is their little shadow & she has no fear. She does destroy their stuff occasionally not meaning too of course. We sometimes hear the girls "mum liv is in our STUFF"... She is such a joy & yet challenging all at the same time. Lucky she is my third, I have relaxed a lot more & can be quite tough yet gentle......don't let her get away with stuff even though she is our baby!!! We would not be without her. She goes all day & then flops into bed, fast asleep. We love you Livvy, cannot believe how fast you are growing!!!! Please don't grow up too fast!!! love you xxxx

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