Monday, April 21, 2008

LOOOOOVE Brown Boxes....

I just love these brown exciting full of lots & lots of goodies.......I was especially excited when this arrived from Utah as I wasn't expecting it for 3 months. I gave in & subscribed to a monthly kit from ScarletLime, the owner Christy Tomlinson is very talented & organises these incredible kits every month, (I know I know I am addicted) but you should check it out!! I had decided to wait & get mine all at once, but this little beauty arrived early!!! Woohoo you should see the stash in this box........designer stamps, roller stamps, flowers, ribbons, chipboard..........endless possibilities!!!!

It cheered me up for the day as I was dealing with my poor baby still sick. Praying she gets better real soon & I am going to catch some zzzzz's after once again salivating over my box!!!! Monday Out M xxx


Sheree said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl!! I did check out their site after you told me about it and their kits are just gorgeous!!! I'm still thinking about subscribing myself... would just have to convince hubby! LOL! Don't know how that'll go!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend... and that everyone is feeling well again!

Sheree xx

Melanie B said...

thanks sheree, they are great & with the dollar it is actually only $33 per month, it is just the shipping but they have been holding me 3 months worth which is only $34 which is heaps cheaper than any aussie ones & the stuff is unique & cool. Hope you have a great week, might catch you in the shop but now with the sub I am trying to stay away!!! LOL Melxx