Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moreton Island ......

Sunset at Moreton. This was our outlook from our site every afternoon, isn't it delightful!! We had a wonderful time & after the initial shocking 2 days (Olivia had gastro), we relaxed, fished, swam & had awesome family time. The girls loved it, Georgia snorkelled for the first time on her own & her & Ant got heaps of fish everyday for us to cook. What a simple life. It makes you appreciate the little things in life that is for sure. I got a chance to take some great photos so you will see some of those soon hopefully on pages!!! It is good to be back & my blogging will be caught up soon, I hope LOL!!! Here is a couple of other photos I wanted to share!! Be blessed. M xx

My Girls Little Tootsies

The Girls getting firewood for campfire & marshmellows (of course)

Olivia could not be left out

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