Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Its a LONG one...........

I warned you it was a long one.....grab a cuppa.......LOL

Well the school holidays are coming to an end.... :(
I am very sad, my big girl will be going back to school & we will be back into the morning routine & only having half a day to get things done....LOL.
One of the things I enjoy most about the holidays is that we get to BE at home (although these holidays not so much)& cook, paint, swim & just hang out with my girls.
So here is a little snapshot of what we have been doing on the holidays......apart from totally kooking out, the girls have gone to see Beverley Hills Chihuaha & Wall-E. Ant took them on a date yesterday just the two older girls & they had a great time. The girls have been wandering around going Wall E.....then echo EVA.....then they all crack up laughing so I have decided it is a personal joke & you had to be there!!!
So here is some of our kook out photos & a quite nice one I managed to get of my two youngest!!! Daddy bought home his REAL helmet in between shifts & the girls thought it was hilarious to put on his boots & helmet. They amused themselves for ages!!!

Liv just started doing this without any teaching from her older sisters.....we have decided she is the little clown of the family!!!!

Like butter wouldn't melt....

We have done quite a bit of this these holidays & Liv is just getting to the point where she will sit down & do it with the girls. SO CUTE. (Mind you she ended up painting almost all her stomach, she is a real messer this kid. The dirtier the better, mum thinks it is hilarious & so will my friends that know me!!!)

We caught up with these beautiful friends & their newest addition Gabrielle. Isn't she just precious. The Reids live up the other end of the coast so we don't see them as often as we would like. We had a great day & the kids kept each other busy while the parents all relaxed & fussed & fought over Gabby!!!

Here is what we had for dinner tonight.....boring huh....but its just I have to share as on the holidays I actually get time to cook cool stuff!!!

Here is what arrived for me today (from my Dad).....he braved a scrapbook shop that was closing down & got me this stash. Isn't he the coolest!!!

And last but not least am heading over to this beautiful girls place tomorrow. I have come to really look forward to seeing her weekly. I just love hanging out with her. It is always relaxing, we always laugh, & the kids all get on great!!! Plus she is an awesome scrapper & I have learnt so much off her.
So that is me for todays post, might be a couple more days before another, as I feel I am blogged out!!! Stay Safe. Love Me xx

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Sheree said...

Just look at that bundle of scrappin' goodies! Your Dad is just the sweetest! (And he knows how to shop! LOL!)

Love all the holiday pics Mel... especially that fun helmet shot! Too cute!

The kids have spiralled into boredom since you all left today! LOL! Had a great time as always...

Chat soon!
Sheree xx