Sunday, September 14, 2008

Big Big Week......

Well hooray fixed my card reader so I can now download photos......sigh....
This will probably be a long post so hold onto your hats......we had Georgie's very first sports carnival this week. It was so fun. She ran her race & apart from looking around everywhere she came 2nd. I was happy for her. We have been really trying to teach her that it doesn't matter if you don't win but that you enjoy what you do & finishing something is more important. (she is naturally quite competitive so this is a constant thing for us). She was happy & said to me Mum it doesn't matter if I don't win as long as I have fun!! So was happy our words are sinking in. It is kind of hard as both Anthony & I (especially Anthony) were competitive in our different sports, (but now we are older it is not really a priority) but we have always agreed that we wouldn't push our kids & that we had seen enough psycho parents who push their kids & have unrealistic expectations of them, we didn't want that for the girls. It is sometimes a hard balance to find!! Anyway the girls harassed us & wanted us to race in the parents race, well I definately didn't want to & in Anthony's word he doesn't run, he swims. It was very funny!!! (mind you I came 2nd & Ant won, but I can't move my legs today LOL)

Everything else is going well. Am in the process of completing my DT stuff for Heaven-Sent, they have great competitions going this month, go over & check it out.

Today we went to the beach to watch Anthony swim. He was in the Creek to Club. It is a fun race normally but today the conditions were pretty full on, very choppy & windy. He did really well as usual.......won his age group, was 2nd out of the water & is still waiting for overall results as they were sent in waves at different times!! He was very happy that he beat all the young guys!! We have a joke in our house & I call him my old the old man kicked some serious butt this morning!! (I am sorry to say as I was watching 5 kids with 2 the same age, I didn't take any photos!!)

So not much else to tell you all......bro hope you got those photos I sent you!! Am missing you guys very much!! Will post some more photos soon.....Have a great Sunday everyone. Love Me xx


Leanne said...

Well done Georgia 2nd is a fantastic effort.
Huge congrats to Anth and mumsie for taking part LOL Would have liked to have seen that. Maybe next year eh!
So glad that you have got the card fixed chickadee and can now upload some photos. Keep them coming as we love seeing them. Good luck Anthony on the overall results. I am sure that you will do well....

Chat later
Leanne xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sheree said...

YAY Georgia!!!! Way to go!!! Love the pics you took too... she looks so proud of her 2nd ribbon.. and so she should! Good on you and Anthony for running too...I would've loved to have been there too! Sounds like you both did an awesome run!

Let us know about the overall results of Anthony's race today... already sounds like he kicked some major butt though. Fantastic!

Chat soon!
Sheree xx

Leanne said...

Thanks for tonight Mel, had a blast. Just letting you know that I have tagged you too.

Leanne xxx

Brittany Snow said...

YAY! i can finally leave a comment!
She i getting so big, turning into a young-young lady... She looks so much like Anth is his pictures of his race... i think she going to be sporty!!
love you, ill see you tonight sweet-pea!