Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Evidence of a Haircut........

Yes guess what, little Liv decided to give herself a haircut today....I turned away for 30 seconds to brush my teeth & Georgia had left her craft scissors out.....well I came across all this blonde hair & just knew. She is a crackup this kid, constantly keeping us on our toes!!! She would not admit to cutting it either, just kept singing & shaking her head!! Will have to try & fix it tomorrow. Me Out xx


Brittany Snow said...

hahhaa. I love this!!!! She is still beautiful!

haha...storing up the story for her 21st!!!

love you!

Sheree said...

Oh Mel... I know you told me that she'd done this... but that's a lotta hair on the floor!! LOL! Ah well... it'll grow back!

Catch ya soon!
Sheree xx

Your Bro said...

so she finally gets hair and then she cuts it off.. typical woman.. cant make up her mind