Friday, August 1, 2008

Preparing for This Man's Birthday


Here he is with another love in his life. He just loves his motorbikes & I am totally ok with it. He is an incredible husband & although sometimes his driven, adrenaline seeking personality makes me worry for him, I would not have it any other way. It will be a quiet one I think, as he is not big on birthdays plus he is in training for this. He gets up at 5am mornings (he only misses when he works & then he does afternoons)to train for this event. He has always been involved somehow in swimming. He was a full scholarship holder at the Australian Institute of Sport & when his sister rang the other day she said you are on google "your record was finally broken after 20 years...can you believe that...& that wasn't even his best stroke......funny hey. He still holds junior champion records for swimming. I am so proud of this man. He always does what he sets his mind to do. I am going to try & make his day extra special & will do a post just for him on Tuesday!!! We always seem to forget the ones behind the scenes but I really want to honour this gorgeous man that God has given me!! Hope you all have a great Friday.....I will be watching SYTYCD!!! wohoo. Love Mxx
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Leanne said...

You forgot to mention how old Anthony is going to be (or was that done on purpose LOL)
Hope you guys have a fabulous day on Tuesday. I will speak to you before then anyway chickadee
hugs Leanne xx

Sheree said...

A big Happy Birthday to Anthony for Tuesday!

Sheree xx