Friday, August 22, 2008

Nada Zippo NOTHING......

There is too much going on in my little life.....deadlines, kids, food, parties etc etc. I think I have finally thrown my hands in the air......I need to breathe!!!
Me xxx

PS by the way I am a bit like my beautiful friends, if you find my mojo, please send it back, with some rest!!!


Leanne said...

I am sure your mojo has not gone too far. Probably just stepped out for a breath of fresh air.

Leanne :)

Our Heidi tickets for the Friday night are confirmed - YAHOO

Sheree said...

I'm with you there (as you know!). And look... it's 9.22pm and still I haven't started a layout.... it's gonna be a busy weekend!

Chat soon!
Sheree xx

jilly said...

Your mojo is with mine Mel!!! Gee I hope they're having a good time together!!!!