Saturday, August 14, 2010

I cannot believe it...........

but as well as seeing my beautiful family look what is on when I am there. I am sooooo excited. Anthony told me to register today. I cannot believe it, I am pinching myself. I mean Tim Holtz, Kelly Purkey, Kelly Gooree, just to name a few & vendors galore with new CHA goodies!!!! Ooooohhh please don't be jealous. Of course Tim Holtz classes were completely sold out, but I did manage to book into a Maya Road Canvas Class & a Dear Lizzy with Kelly Purkey. YAHOO. (This of course depends on what my little bro & his lovely wife have planned for us).

So of course the most important is seeing my family but what an amazing opportunity and of course being in the USA it was $20 for 3 days entry. Can you believe that??!! So my funk is kinda gone & I have been scrapping & cleaning up. Also enjoying my beautiful new white blinds that Dad installed while he was here. The house is looking lots better. We still now have a bit of work when we get back but hey I won't be thinking about that in 29 days!!!! Happy Saturday.

Love Me xx


Sheree said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl! I SO wish I was going with're going to have such an amazing time!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Sheree xx

Nathan said...

Change of plans.. YOU CANT GO!! hahaha


by the way...

this is what we have planned.. thats about it though cause after that we will be broke hahaha