Sunday, August 8, 2010

Babies, babies & more babies......

hence the reason for lack of posts & me being busy. I have spent the last two weeks crafting for this beautiful girl. We are soooo excited for Ruthie. She has waited a long time for another little one & now the little miracle is nearly here. Here is some shots from her baby shower.

She loved the quilt I made (my very first one), thanks to my beautiful friend who was my support team & helped me. It turned out awesome & even had to make our own binding. I was so worried but seeing Ruth's face was enough for me.

The baby book I made for everyone to sign for her. (it is Fancy Pants Wishful Thinking, Prima & some house of scrapbooking chipboard & a Kaiser acrylic album).

I also made some balls. I saw a tutorial here & decided I could do them, added my own little twist. I think they turned out great. (As I couldn't find a nice yellow crepe paper Brit had the idea of painting the white, thanks sweets). They look gorgeous & I think I will be making some for the girls rooms.

beautiful Ruth & Gracie.

Me (looking very tired) with the sexy mama!!! She has been such an incredible friend to me & is like the sister I never had. We cannot wait to share in this new journey with you. Love You.
I am a very tired chook so I am heading to bed. Happy Sunday. Back soon.

Me xx


Leanne said...

simply stunning Mel, your quilt aqnd everything is so beautiful. You are so clever....

Emmas quilt is stuck over at the quilting store in Mudgeeraba as I just haven't had the time to go and pick it up grrr.. Oh well hopefully this ordeal will be over sooner rather than later and I can go get it.

Get Emmas results from the oncologist today so hopefully we can get a treatment plan started.
Luv ya.
Leanne xxx

Brittany said...

Those balls looked amazing!!!! I love how they turned out!!!
Youre such a lovely friend! xx

Sheebies said...

Congratulations on producing such a beautiful quilt! It was gorgeous, and obviously made with love. Not to mention the little notebook for us to write in and the decos. You're so talented! Where do you find the time!!

Sheree said...

I just knew Ruth would love the quilt Mel! The book is so beautiful and I love how the balls turned out! You clever thing...everything is gorgeous!!

S xx

Karen said...

Wow Mel!! You need your own TV show with that talent. Tell Ruth we're excited to hear the news!!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..