Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Canberra rewritten

Ha so many things I had forgotten about Canberra!!!
Like this.......

You can buy alcohol in the supermarket right next to the bread!! Lol

The roads are amazing.

The weather is depressing but much better today!!!

So many old memories. So much the same and yet different!!

Catching up with old old friends & it feels like yesterday we just left. Am going back to some old haunts to take photos, now I am a scrapper so many things to scrap to tell the girls different stories of their mum & dad. (and attach all old memorabilia) Can't find all my old photos. (see I was always a scrapper!!!).

So nice hanging out with Dad, we really do miss him. The girlshave been having a ball. Grandad bought them all this cool stuff so they have been making bubbles, balloons & crafting. We went scootering this morning where my bro & I used to skateboard, forgot to take my camera or phone so no photos.

Today we might go do some touristy things. I want to take them to the miniature village, parliament house, war memorial things like that. (ant is none too excited but I want some culture!!).

Hope you are having a great day, back soon.

Me xxx

PS see when I have time I am an ok blogger!!! Lol

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Karen said...

I love hashing up old memories....well some of them!

Brittany said...

Wow!! Youve been blogging up a storm! Must be all that free time!
I love you.. I miss you!

Sheree said...

It's always fun...and kinda check out some old haunts! Hope you're taking heaps of pics!!!

S xx