Monday, April 27, 2009

Do YOU want to win some COOL stuff.......

if you do then you need to go here........Bek my beautiful friend is giving away one of her first monthly kits. This woman is amazing with all that she has on & all that she does. I know this is going to be an AWESOME, challenging & fun thing for her. Join in the fun & go check it out. It is packed full of stuff & knowing Bek she will have lots of inspiration to go with the kit.
Happy Monday. Love Me xx


Brittany Snow said...

i really love you!

Valerie said...

Saw your post on Sherees' blog, so thought I'd better comment on yours and stay out of trouble. Stay away from that dolly, she's mine.......make your own. But your ones are very cute too. I think I'm going to have to get back into this sewing lark and make some for Tayla, then again if I can win Sherees. I started a patchwork baby blanket 5 years ago and it's still not finished. Now I think I will wander over to your friends place and see what you are on about. Look after yourself and enjoy Mothers Day, see you soon.

Love Val

rvavic said...

Girlfriend... your stuff is on its way :) I have it here, have to give to your Dad next week as I only managed time to collect them yesterday :( SOrry chook.

Update your blog sista.
Hugs and love