Friday, April 24, 2009

There is something in the air......

well my first one was a bit of a dodgy effort. I increased the size of the pattern to 200% instead of the 150% (on purpose as I wanted something bigger). Georgie loved it, so have decided to still post a photo (I am a bit of a perfectionist so if things aren't perfect I trash them). The other one is one that Lucia chose herself, not really what I would have put together but she was determined & picked it all out herself. She turned out quite cute, but Lulu won't let me put the apron on that I made as it covers up the cupcakes. Mmmmm a few more cut out & I think I will continue making these gorgeous little dolls for some pressies. As most of our friends have girls I am sure they will go to lovely homes!!! Here is where you can find the free pattern, they are called Black Apple dolls & of course are from Martha Stewart, I love that woman!!!. You can also find some beautiful ones here, of course my clever crafty friend, as always does a fantastic job!!! She is awesome. Always sharing her skill, finds & helping me out. She is never competitive & so generous!!! Now if only I could find the time to finish all my uncompleted sewing projects - namely 2 quilts, 2 bags & numerous other things!!!

Also have been doing a bit of scrapping, I LOVE all the new American Craft papers & all my new fiskars punches (gotta love contacts in the States) & had so much fun with this LO. This is one of our only family photos, I really have to remedy that, but Anthony is soooo not into it. A friend gave us an amazingly generous voucher to a beautiful photography studio for free photo shoot. He has told me go get some photos with you & the girls. LOL. Guess the idea of a family canvas might be a little while off!!!

So that's it for me now. The holidays went way too fast & we are back into the swing (sort of) of school run, lunches etc. Liv is really missing the girls & we have been so busy catching up with friends who are over from France. Will post some photos & love soon. Happy Days. Me xx


Sheree said...

Your dolls look adorable Mel! How clever is Lucia picking out her own fabric?! They're very addictive... I'm sure you'll be making more now! :)

Wowee I LOVE that layout Mel!!!! It's gorgeous!

Sheree xx

Karen said...

Very cute Mel...Ava would love doing this...I should look into it!