Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a week.........or is it two????

well we have had a really busy couple of weeks. Always my blog seems to suffer & I try to at least put a few words in a post so I can come back. This is really important for me to keep updated but sometimes life just gets in the way!! Also little sweeties vying for my attention where the computer is not a priority & their little stories & chatter is just more important to me. I do not want them to ever feel like this is a priority over anyway the last couple of weeks. We had a visit from the Potters (they were over from France)it was sooo much fun & ant got to surf quite a bit while they were here (he was stoked) here is some photos

(before the back manipulation)

thanks to the Potters Ant & I got to spend a lovely night away (we have left the girls only once in 6 years), it was weird to say the least. So quiet. We went & had dinner & watched 2 movies, yes 2 movies. It was a crackup. We were also home by 9pm.
It was so nice but we also realised that life without our kids would have been very quiet!! We missed them. We do love having time together though & have chatted about making sure we have a date night at least once a month. Here is what we saw.....

and also watched Mall Cop, which wasn't bad but not as funny as I anticipated.
This was a full on boys movie, but I really liked it. I have always loved cars & it was just light & entertaining.

(this we watched on the Tuesday night, we were having a movie marathon this week)
I really enjoyed this movie. Ever since I was younger I used to watch the X-men series with my bro, we were both fans. It was kinda cool to see the origins of Wolverine.

We have also been doing a lot of this........(family time) making the most of it before winter sets in.

So this is starting to become a long post, so better go get some stuff done. I have been rearranging our house & our girls are all in the same room now. I felt a bit selfish doing this, but at the moment until we move, we are limited for space. I really felt like I needed a room, so we changed it all around & I now have my own space. The girls love it & Ant & I have been enjoying having some space for me to create & him to internet surf & work. Will share some before & after photos soon, plus some stuff I have been working on. We are off to have photos done today (yeah finally convinced Ant to do it) so will have those to share hopefully too.

Have a great day, love you. Me xxx


Brittany Snow said...

cool blog!!! I love the pics of the girls... they are such crackups!!

Nathan said...

winter... Meh. Also I saw wolverine 2 mtgs before it was released by d'ling it... Though it wasn't the full finished version.....

Sheree said...

Love those beach pics! How did your photoshoot go today? Hope it went well!

Sheree xx