Monday, April 20, 2009

TWO WORDS............RED LIPSTICK........

Well she loves lipstick......or "listick" as she calls it!!! At least it wasn't red nail polish.......oh that's right she's already done that, all over our vanity & wall. I didn't take photos as I was too busy trying to get it off!! Eventually had to get turps & scrub it off. Mmmmm if you like that story you should see my sis & her story here!

Happy Monday.
Me xx


Sheree said...

LOL! Oh doesn't she look beeeeeautiful!!!!? Madi's yet to discover my lipstick... might have to keep it hidden for a bit longer!

Sheree xx

rvavic said...

That is the cutest thing :)
Love that they all do this, boy or girl :)
Funny times.

chanel said...

i have had this happen too ... you don't know wheather to laugh or cry ... funny, i did the same thing and took a pic too! priceless really!
have a great day lovely
luv chanel