Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter & a few shares...........

I know I know but better late than ever.....
Before Ruthie jetted off to the big US of A we decided to take all the kids out for dinner & the adults of course. We went to our local chinese restaurant. It was such a lovely night. The girls had a ball & had to eat with chopsticks. They actually did really well. We usually take them everywhere with us so they like different foods. This night they ate satay chicken noodles & some other stuff. They drew while we chatted. It was really nice. Here are some photos of them eating!!!

Then this photo is of Georgie at church.

She won a HUGE basket of easter eggs. I could not believe it. They had to get a squashed up piece of paper into cups, I was hoping Ben hadn't seen her get it in.......NOOOOOO well she won!!! Mmmmmm she was sooo happy so that sort of won me over!! We are not really into the easter bunny etc as for us the weekend is about Jesus & what he did for us. It is usually an awesome family time of sharing the REAL easter story & thanking God for our daily blessings. The girls know that He died on the cross for them & that He rose again & that we are grateful for that. We do buy them some little eggs but in Georgies words "Mum there is no easter bunny we know that, but it is still nice to have chocolate eggs & they mean new life!!!" So I thought that was pretty cool.
The girls also before they went on holidays had a HUGE easter concert at school where both of them were involved in singing quite a few songs. As I videotaped it, didn't really take any photos,so don't have any to share. I really wanted a motion memory of them. They did awesome. Georgia as always was quite the performer & sounded beautiful, with Lucia being a bit quieter. They did such a good job & the teachers really have to be commended for how much effort they put in each year. We have copious amounts of craft they did so will be trying to work out how best to store all of this. I am determined this year to work out a way to keep their stuff (not everything) & create the memories.

Anyway as usual I am behind on blogging. More stories to come!!! Love Me xx

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Sheree said...

Love the pics Mel... esp that first one of Georgia... love the look on her face! LOL

Wow check out that big basket of eggs! That should last you a while! No shortage of chocolate at your place! Hee hee hee

Sheree xx