Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wish I Was Here.......

I wanted to put a photo of them at the cabin....but alas it didn't work. I so miss this brother of mine & his lovely wife. I couldn't have asked or prayed for a better wife for Him. You know I hoped that I would get someone who I could have a relationship with, but this young woman exceeded those expectations, only problem is they are 20,000 miles away. Some days I would love to pack up & move over there & spend heaps of time just getting to know them & being with their gorgeous kids. Also I so wanted all our kids to grow up together. God has a plan & who am I to argue. Karen is an awesome sister in law & even though I never had sisters (bummer) she makes up for it. She goes & gets me scrap stuff even though she is not big on it & always goes out of her way!! I am very appreciative. I cannot wait to see them.
At the moment they are all at the summer cabin, so jealous wish I was there!!! Anyway this is my family that I miss desperately. I know soppy soppy & Kaz will probably be embarassed, but I wanted to share, for all those people who haven't seen us for years, this is us now. I am very proud of the man my brother has become!! His family that he married into is awesome as well. I cannot wait to see all you guys, wish it was tomorrow. I try not to dwell on it, but today it was raining & grey (sort of like minnesota weather.....hahahaha just joking) & I wanted to just let you know I miss you!! Love you Mxx

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chanel said...

i have just been with my family ... seriously know how you feel! hope you have a fabulous time together.
did you end up doing that layout?
luv chanel