Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Post....

Just thought I would share some photos (NO no scrapping as yet).....but I have other news.....I got onto another design team, one which I am totally excited about. Go here to have a look. Michelle runs the We Challenge You blog & this new company. At first I was just going to be on the blog but now she has offered me a DT role. I am so happy!! And it is with this gorgeous girl of mine (that I just have to see sometime soon please please!!)
So here is my share for the day.....these two beautiful girls are part of my family. God has totally restored our relationship & I couldn't be happier. It was Lins birthday & her gorgeous daughter Britt (who I think is not only beautiful but incredibly talented) put on a surprise birthday party. It was lovely. Great food, drink & company. Lin had a great time.

Because of these two gorgeous women is the next new do!! They schemed together (lovingly of course) to let me be pampered for 2 whole hours. They decided that I needed it & I decided along with the hairdresser to do something drastic....I let go of the having long hair until I am 40 business & went short. It is soooo easy to manage & I just get up flick it & I am right to go. I really don't like posting photos of myself but just thought I would share. Hope you have a great Sunday. Take care Mxx

PS scuse the no makeup tired looking girl, I promise to do better next time....LOL


Leanne said...

Looks Awesome chickadee. I will have a better look tomorrow. CYA then

Leanne :)

Sheree said...

Woohoo look at the new you!! Lookin' good!! Lucky you getting all that pampering...must have been wonderful!

Congrats on your new DT spot too! That's fantastic! I'm off to check out your link to the site...

Chat soon!
Sheree xx

chanel said...

go girl ... great haircut. I totally know what you mean, i did the same a couple of years ago - would never go back, so much easier for our warm climate! looks awesome!
congrats on the design team, that is super cool
with regard to Create 08, full payment will be required on Aug 1st to secure your spot. Not long to go ...
have a great weekend
luv chanel

jilly said...

OMG you look GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! And so young too!!!
Congrats on the DT possie - so well deserved!

Brittany Snow said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair and these pics!!!

one hot mamma!!!

love you.

Kirsty said...

Love the hair do!

Congrats on the DT...Can't wait either!