Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day.....

So who watches SYTYCD.....woohoo it is on tonight, can you tell my life is getting sad that I am resorting to TV!! It is really me procrastinating from doing my tax....yes it is that time of year again!!! LOL

Had a quiet week, Georgie is back at school (she is on readers now too, like I don't have enough to do & she doesn't spend enough time at school LOL), which means no more lounging around in PJ's (which was quite new for this routine mum) but so much fun!! Not much to tell for this post or to share. Anthony is working tomorrow night & I am hoping to get some scrapping done, so I will be able to share. Thanks to my DD I am going here I am soooo excited I don't think I can wait until December.

Here is a couple of photos of Liv...she loves her baby dolls. She is so funny. When she swings the doll has to swing. I do have stuff for the other girls but I guess at the moment Liv is at that cute age.

Anyway I have been tagged for this cool blog award (am totally amazed as I don't feel in the league of the people put up but anyway) so I will do that over the next couple of days. Lee if you are reading this I will get to it!!! Have a great week. Mxx


Sheree said...

Hi Mel! I'm LOVING SYTYCD!!! It's gotta be my fave thing on TV at the moment. Last night was awesome.. now I can't wait for more tomorrow night!

Gorgeous pic of little Liv! It's so cute watching them with their dolls isn't it? Madi's right into hers now too.

Hope you've got a lovely weekend planned!
Sheree xx

Leanne said...

Thanks for a lovely day today Mel. Was so nice to catch up away from work. Am still gobsmacked about our similarities.
Your girls are just too cute and was fun watching them today. Liv is so funny.........
Will have to get the two older ones together and they can go scrap or paint or just hang out. Will also have to get together for a bbq with the hubbies... Anyway will chat soon. I am at the shop on Monday and Tuesday this week. Will probably speak to you at some point over the weekend anyway. Cya
Leanne xxx

lusi said...

hello beautiful girl :)
how great having scrapping buddies - and leanne!!!! i hope to meet her irl sometime soon :)
anyway, just sending my love to you mel :)your comments always make me smile and your heart always shines through!
lus x