Sunday, July 20, 2008


Does anybody else hate been sick?? I loathe it, don't know what it is but I just cannot stand it. Maybe it is the admitting that I am not superwoman & cannot do everything. Maybe it is the stopping & having to rest, which I am also not good at!! All in all I dislike it immensely. Also the girls (excluding georgie of course) have been (it seems like) constantly sick, something else I am just not used to. Maybe it is God allowing me to realise that I am human, my kids are human & you get sick. That you cannot rely on your own strength, that sometimes you have to rely on Him. You cannot do it ALL yourself & sometimes things have just got to give!! Maybe I cannot juggle all the balls & that is ok. It is ok to just BE. Through this though I am learning some valuable & important lessons. There is nothing more important than my relationship with God, My beautiful husband & my gorgeous girls. There is nothing more important than beautiful friends. There is nothing more important than down time.
Sometimes you need to look outside your little world & see what is truly going on around you. There is people in far more sad & precarious places than you are in & sometimes you just need to let go of the little insignificant things as in the eyes of eternity, they are really meaningless!!

This week we had a baby shower for this beautiful woman. Now her story is one of little miracle after little miracle. Rie (as I fondly call her) is due to give birth to her third child (we are still waiting by the way much to her chagrin). She has two beautiful boys & we cannot wait to see this new little one. It was a lovely morning tea & she had a great time. Here is photo of us together, this is the first time we do not have a photo of us pregnant together. This friendship has been a journey for both of us & I love her to pieces. Look forward to sharing more years & birthdays with her.

Well that is my post for this day Sunday. Hoping you all have a GREAT Monday. I will leave you with a daggy photo of my two youngest girls. This is what happens when I let them dress themselves!! LOL. They will love these photos when they are 21 I am sure.... :) Love Mexx

PS By the way I did do some scrapping with some cool girls but I don't know how to copy the photo from Lee's blog. Friday night sick I went to this gorgeous girls house with some other gorgeous girls for a scrap night. It was awesome (thanks Lee). I am hoping it will become a regular thing, they are SUPER cool gals!!!


Sheree said...

Hi Mel! Sorry to hear you're sick...gee I hope you're feeling better soon! So glad you came along on Friday night (even if you did end up losing your voice! lol)... we'll definitely do it again... my place next time!

Sheree xx
PS. Would you mind sending me an e-mail to so I can then e-mail you? I don't have your address...

Leanne said...

Hey Chickadee

Glad that you came in today and also very glad that you are feelng better. It was nice to hear your voice again LOL!!!
We definately all have to get together again. The shop is going to be doing Friday nights fortnightly so we can all go there, that way we can invite others..... Talk soon petal
xx Leanne

Leanne said...

Hi Mel

I have awarded you with the Brilliante Weblog Award. Just go to my blog and the instructions will be there on how you get it. See you tomorrow
Leanne xx